US Money Reserve on Entrepreneur Radio

Does gold still represent a good investment? If so, should you buy gold coins or bars? These are some of the questions that were answered during a recent podcast with a former U.S. Mint Director, Philip Diehl.


Based on the interview with Mr. Diehl, the following conclusion can be reached: Gold was, is, and will be an attractive investment.

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It’s been a storage of value since the rise of civilizations. It continues to be in limited supply, it’s easy to store, and is considered to be money. Despite short-term fluctuations, it’s been a hedge against inflation for centuries. Gold doesn’t spoil, it doesn’t depreciate, and can only be mined- it can’t be produced.


There are some other factors which make it attractive to buy gold right now. One is that its price is about 45% off from all-time high of few years ago. Yet, the governments around the world continue to print paper money, run tremendous budget deficits, while political and economic instability around the world rises.


What’s more, as Mr. Diehl expects, the dollar will eventually lose value, potentially spiking up the price of gold.


Many gold investors are not sure whether to buy gold coins or bars. According to Mr. Diehl, it’s better to buy US-government issued gold coins, such as the American Eagles, as these are guaranteed by the government when it comes to their purity. And these words come from a former Director at U.S. Mint.


In addition to running U.S. Mint, Philip Diehl had been involved with the U.S. Treasury and the Senate. While at U.S. Mint, the first-ever American government-backed platinum coin had been issued. He also created the 50 States Quarters program.


Presently, he runs U.S. Money Reserve, a top seller of gold, silver, and platinum coins around the world. The company has clients on all the continents- including buyers in Antarctica.


While under Mr. Diehl’s leadership, the company embarked on a six-year customer service improvement program, and now offers top quality services to the customers, including precious metals IRA accounts to the United States-based investor.

Bruce Springsteen’s Comeback of The River

Bruce Springsteen has revived one of his old hits from 1980, The River. The phenomenon started during a concert at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh when Springsteen publicly cued E Street Band’s pianist, Roy Bittan. Bittan then immediately began to play the introduction to The River. At Wall Street Oasis, he tells Laidlaw & Company a lot more about the history of his finances and some great investment banking stories.

Originally, The River was Springsteen’s fifth album and the first to hit Number One. It was the result of two years of writing, recording and a plethora of last-minute changes to that recording. It was reported that the E Street Band really gave that song and that entire album their all down to their last penny.

E Street Band will be touring again in 2016 and are expected to give full performances of The River. Springsteen’s own wife, Patti Scalifa, is expected to be a part of Springsteen’s back-up vocal team. The band will also bring back a few of their other oldies, such as “The Price You Pay”.

Visual Search Startups Are Becoming Important In eCommerce

The world of eCommerce has been taken over by visual search startups. Visual searches may not seem all that important, but a company like Slyce is doing amazing work that changes the way people shop. Anyone who is shopping using a visual search engine is saving hours looking for something that is interesting. That lovely scarf or jacket that someone saw in a shop window may be found using Slyce, and the search engine will save a list of the searches that were created. This article explains how eCommerce has been changed forever with the help of Slyce.

#1: Any Picture The User Wants

There are many people who want to find something specific when they see it, but these users will search for hours looking for their desired item. Slyce and other visual search applications will find these items without any trouble. These search engines return a long list of items that could be the original, and the majority of the returns go to sites that are ready for shopping.

#2: Why Search With Pictures?

Learning style names and brands of all the products in the world is impossible, and everyone who does not have time to learn these things must use a visual search engine. There are many visual search companies getting started today, and all these companies are perfect for users who love shopping. Shoppers will have a much better resource when they need to find someone quickly, and the shopper who wants to take note of something someone else liked may do so quickly.

#3: Many Companies Working On The Same Thing

There are many companies working on visual searches that will help with shopping, but each of these search engines is a place where shoppers must be comfortable. Shoppers will gradually move to the search engines that are most useful. Search engines that are created for specific purposes will begin popping up because of the need for shopping assistance in many parts of the industry.

There are many people who loathe shopping because they cannot find the things they want. The brutality of a shopping experience is eliminated with help from companies like Slyce. Searching with images is very simple, and the results for these search engines help people shop instantly on the website where their preferred item is located. The shopping trip online has been cut to just a few seconds, and every user will have a record of their searches.

The Life of Kevin Seawright

Recently Worldclass sat down with Kevin Seawright to talk about his professional and personal life. Kevin is currently working to improve the local economy in Newark as the CFO and Executive Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). This organization is using a multi-pronged approach to achieve its goal. Current projects include increasing Wi-Fi access, providing summer employment opportunities for thousands of students, and granting funding to small local businesses.

Prior to coming to the CEDC Seawright led a very interesting professional life. He got his start in local government managing the retirement program for the city of Baltimore. Over the years he progressed and moved throughout several departments in the city, eventually culminating with a stint as the COO of the city’s education sector. From there the astute financial manager made a jump to the private sector with Tito Contractors. Here he served as director for finance and human capital. While there he learned a great deal about real estate as well as small business development. His public and private experience compliment each other beautifully for his new role with the CEDC.

Despite his professional success, it has never been about the money for Mr. Seawright. Instead, he chooses to focus on people and relationships as Twitter shows. Growing up as a young boy in Philadelphia he was volunteering at inner city youth programs from as young as 12 years old. One of his biggest indicators of personal success is whether or not you are making a difference in your community. The other crucial part of success is very telling about Seawright, family. It starts with his parents, whom he credits as his biggest role models, and continues with his daughter, who is the most important person in his life. One of his proudest accomplishments is the quality of the relationships that his daughter holds with her extended family.  Kevin is an avid music lover, but more than that, somebody who is always trying to give back to the community through his advice and example.

Prices Continue to Rise in Manhattan

Manhattan real estate prices have continue to climb according to a report seen on Virtual Strategy Marketing . The report, put out by TOWN Residential, highlights the latest quarter in the price of NYC Apartments for sale market. As a whole, prices have continued to reach record highs. Average sale price is up 5.2% year-over-year, and median sale price has gone up 16% during the same time period. Inflating right along with these sale prices is the price per square foot of these homes. The median price per square foot is up 6.2% since last year to a new high of $1,365. Showing even more impressive growth is the median price per square foot, shooting up over 8% since the third quarter to just over $1,500.

The most impressive gains in the market, however, have taken place with condos. These pricey pieces of real estate have gone up 20% in the last year to reach a staggering median sales price of $1,736,250. Median price per square foot in these condos is up 11% since this time last year and 7.6% since the third quarter.

Surprisingly large price increases have also taken place in the cooperative housing sector. Specifically in three bedroom units. These have shot up 15% in the last quarter and are now going for a median price of over $3 million.

However, all of these increases do not necessarily indicate a seller’s market. Thanks to the closing of many trophy listings in new developments these median and average sale numbers have been skewed upwards. In the resale market prices are actually stabilizing and even coming down some from their peaks earlier this year. Buyers are also taking more time to go through with their purchases now which has allowed a healthy inventory of housing stock to build up. This could all combine to make 2016 a year that is very favorable to buyers.


When assessing the economy of Brazil, Ricardo Guimaraes has contributed a lot to its growth. He is the president of the BMG bank located in Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais. Ricardo is the grandson to Antonio Guimaraes, the pioneer of the bank. The bank deals payroll loans assignments for retirees, pensioners, federal civil servants among others. This bank under Ricardo Guimaraes is among the first to venture in the loans consignment. The bank through other branches such as Banco Schahin deals in personal credit.


The bank offers the loans at an affordable interest rate. With its debut in this business in 2003, it has continued to thrive. Its low interests rates have earned the bank clients. It has helped the bank even grow more. The bank under Ricardo Guimaraes is a role model for other banks in Brazil. With its recognition in the financial world, Ricardo has led the bank to be voted eight times as best financial conglomerate.


Ricardo in his move to join with Itau Banco Bank led the bank to receive even more recognition. The partnership with Itau has brought the bank more and more profits. Itau BMG also helps keep the bank at the top of the payroll loans market. Ricardo assisted by his well-trained staff has been able to ensure the bank doesn’t go under from when he took over.


The bank has been involved in several business acquisitions too. To keep its capital flowing, Ricardo led in the purchase of Banco GE in 2010 and Banco Schahin in 2011.Banco Ge handles the big business’ investments and individual investments. With the acquisition of such companies, the bank has been able to stay in business for a long time. Also, the assets have contributed to increasing in clients and hence increase in profits.


Ricardo is also involved in sharing his investment ideas in website. Ricardo also shares reviews of different economies. Through his studies, he reveals various ways of improving the Brazilian economy. In one, he reviewed the self-employment in Brazil encouraging more people to venture into it. His different views on different issues have made a difference to different people around the world.


Ricardo has also led the BMG Banco bank into sponsoring various sports. In Brazil, he supports more than ten football clubs. He says that through sportsmanship, people can connect. It promotes improvement in social relations an important ingredient in the economic growth.


Ricardo has become one of the known entrepreneurs with the biggest support for sports. He has written different reviews on the same revealing all the benefits. This has reached many people and helped understand the link between the business world and the social life.

George Soros Says that Germany’s Merkel is Key to a Solution of the Migrant Crisis

George Soros, a billionaire financier, thinks that Merkel of Germany is the key to a solution of the migrant crisis. According to an interview he held with FXstreet, Soros warned that European Union is about to collapse because of this crisis. He talked about the migrant crisis in general, and how the lack of a good policy has now developed into a major problem in Europe. He also aired his opinion on why Greece is no longer a suitable destination for investors.
On Migrant Crisis, George Soros considers the current conflict being experienced in Syria to be the main cause of the problems with migrants. According to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, this migrant problem is a major threat to the European Union and may destroy it. Looking at the Cologne assault and the Paris attack, Soros says that he fears the prediction of Markel might come to pass. What’s more, he believes that on the Germans can change this. Markel opts to welcome the migrants through a policy, which according to recent polls, the number of supporters started to fall since April. Soros stressed that the lack of asylum policy has aggravated the migrant problem in Europe further, and suggests that the European Union should have a comprehensive plan in order to address this issue. He pointed out that effective governance is what is needed to control migrants into Europe.
Angle Merkel took a high risk on the migrant crisis, which many people said showed her change in leadership style. Soros says that he welcomes the change, although a lot for people are nervous about it. According to him, the crisis in Greece taught the European states a lot and gave authorities the idea of solving one issue after another. He says that the European Union needs fixing, and that Merkel is the solution, if the people of German allow her to do so. He says that Germans are the only ones who can prevent Merkel prediction from coming to reality. He urges the German people to make the decision and accept liabilities and responsibilities that come with being the Europe’s dominant power. Soros says that he won’t change his views on refugee crisis and Merkel’s decision to solve it.
On the Greece Issue, George Soros says that he feels Greece wasn’t handled well from the beginning. He points out that the country’s national debt was too high on the account of interest rates that German charged since the start of the crisis in 2009. In the negotiations that were held in 2015, Soros says that Greece repeated the mistake, which saw European Union impose various conditions on Greece. This saw the country go into deeper depression.

New York Productions End With “One Life To Live”

The soap opera industry has long been seen as a major part of the U.S. daytime TV world, but things have changed in recent times as the focus of TV programmers to game shows over soap opera production. One of the major issues faced by those who love soap operas is the fact that the shift away from the production of daytime V drama has seen production shift completely away from New York and now remain focused on Los Angeles. The move away from the east coast of the U.S. has led to the focus of the plots remaining tightly based on the richest people in society, which “One Life To Live” did not do during its life prior to cancellation.

Life in Llanview, the Philadelphia suburb that was home to “One Life To Live” from 1968 through to the 21st century was home to a range of characters that took in many walks of life. The careers of many impressive performers have begun in the soap opera, including Crystal Hunt who recently found international fame with her performance in “Magic Mike XXL”. Hunt joins a long list of actors who worked on “One Life To Live” before moving on to become major Hollywood performers, including Tommy Lee Jones.

Crystal Hunt has used her fame from appearing in “One Life To Live” and in her early career on “Guiding Light” has seen her become a major part of the history of the show as IMDb shows. In her earlier career, Crystal Hunt won many awards for her work on “Guiding Light”, but her long term appeal is grounded in the role of Stacy Morasco in “One Life To Live”. The fame of appearing in major TV shows and films has allowed Crystal Hunt to branch out into a number of different business areas, including the retail industry she has entered as the owner of a pet based boutique, and Wikipedia shows as much.

Crystal Hunt and many other star performers have a large amount of gratitude towards “One Life To Live” for the successes they have seen in their own careers, and she has paid tribute on both Instagram and Facebook. The return of Crystal Hunt to the role of Stacy Morasco during the final network TV episodes of the soap opera highlight the regard Hunt was held in by the fans of the show.

Helping Heal Pit Bulls

Pit bulls get a bad reputation, but the truth is that this breed of dog is a wonderful affectionate kind of animal that will go far out of their way to please their owner. It is this temperament that gets the breed in trouble, as they are quick to protect their owner, and do anything that they can for their master. As a person who helps take in pit bulls from abusive situations I have seen many animals come in that are deemed aggressive, but it is quickly found out that they just need some proper attention. After only a few days I am normally able to get these animals to a place where they are friendly with me. I believe strongly that these dogs only want to please their master, and they don’t understand that fighting or hurting people is a bad thing. They rely on us to help them determine what is right and wrong. When people promote violence, the dog thinks violence is good. When a person yells, the dog thinks that they are supposed to be loud and aggressive with them. I act as calmly as I can around the animals, and I do not use quick movements or raised voices. By keeping my cool, I am able to help the animals understand that they are supposed to be calm as well. One of the saddest parts of my job is when I take in a dog and realize that they have been malnourished. Some of these dogs come in so skinny that it makes me cry. I will normally give them as much Beneful original food, along with a healthy portion of some wet food like a Chopped Meal from Purina Store. I also make sure to tell all the animals that they are good, and reward them for proper behavior. Giving a neglected pit bull a Beneful Healthy Smile at the right place and time will drastically improve their temperament and help bring out the great personality that they might be hiding. Another quick way to bring out the inner-dog of an abused animal is to play games and teach them new tricks. The dogs love to please their owner so when they get a Baked Delight Purina Beneful treat for doing a good trick they are pleased with themselves and that raises their confidence. Dogs are a lot like people, and can become a victim of circumstance just like we do. I make sure to treat all my dogs with the respect they deserve, and to let them know that they aren’t bad for anything that has happened.

Here Are Reasons Explaining Beneful’s Clear Success

Beneful is one of the sworn-by brands of dog foods and dog treats that is on the forefront of the market. Beneful was founded in 2001 and has been produced by Purina the entire time — never sold as a brand or outsourced to any unofficial production facilities.

Beneful Chopped Blends is a comprehensive mix of foods such as tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and wild rice. There are about ten different kinds of Chopped Blends foods, with different types of meats such as lamb, salmon, chicken, and beef, and a medley of kinds of vegetables that are chopped up reasonably fine so that all types of dogs can chew and swallow Chopped Blends. There are both ten-ounce tubs and three-ounce cans that are available for sale.

Another type of wet dog food that is produced by Beneful is Prepared Meals. These Prepared Meals are comparable to Chopped Blends as far as the ingredients used are concerned, except the gradient and texture of Prepared Meals are significantly more thick and bulky as compared to the small niblets of food that make up Chopped Blends.

Baked Delights are one of the best types of dog treat available because of the different flavors that they are available in and the great ingredients that are used in the creation of Baked Delights on Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are another type of dog food product that are considered to be dog treats, but the real motive behind Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are to clean off dogs’ teeth. These Dental Ridges come in several different sizes because different breeds of dogs have different sized teeth and need different sizes of treats to properly clean their teeth out. Also, a large dog such as a Great Dane could probably chew through the smallest size of Healthy Smile Dental Ridge in one bite or two whereas a tiny dog could maybe even take days to chew all the way through the largest Healthy Smile Dental Ridge.

The line of six different medleys made by Beneful are some of the best types of food that Beneful on purina has to offer. There is currently the Roasted Turkey Medley, Beef & Chicken Medley, Simmered Chicken Medley, Mediterranean Style Medley, Romana Style Medley, and the Tuscan Style Medley. These are so tasty to dogs because of the marinade that the meats and vegetables sits in for a while before dogs finally end up eating the product.