Wen by Chaz: Tested and Loved

Chaz Dean, creator of Wen hair products (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html), has created hair care that makes managing locks simple. From the 5-in-1 cleansing conditioner that includes shampoo, three different kinds of conditioners and a detangler, to the styling products, Wen scores points for giving women a simple way to have shiny, full hair.
Lacking the sulfates found in most shampoos, Wen by Chaz products also leave customers with healthy hair. The intentional ingredients were chosen so hair could hold onto natural oils, making it more manageable and soft. Customers can order Wen by Chaz products and start experiencing the difference good ingredients make.

Wen by Chaz was recently reviewed in an article on Bustle. Emily McClure, who writes for the health and beauty section, tried the sephora marketed Fig 5-in-1 formula for a week and reported to readers that she didn’t experience as much hair loss as she usually does when using other products. She also noticed what felt like more fullness in her hair almost immediately. By the end of the week, friends were commenting on the shine of her hair, and McClure recommends this product for people who, like her, have fine hair. Her review includes pictures of her hair before and after using Wen by Chaz products and can be found at http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened. Review on Wen products can be found at http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2016/03/liu-wen-model-interview.html.

Morrison: Chief Compliance Officer

A recent article on the Supply & Demand Chain Executive website shares that Chief Compliance Officers are increasingly concerned about their personal liability in regards to situations of corporate misconduct. Federal agencies have recently begun increasing the investigation and enforcement activities. The Department of Justice recently appointed Hui Chen as the first compliance counsel and released the Yates Memo, outlining a plan to prosecute individual employees of a corporation and plans to incentivize reforms.

81% of the CCOs surveyed are deeply concerned, especially those in heavily regulated industries. The resources required to address emerging issues are not something that CCOs believe can be handled with their current structures. Resources and budget restraints will place additional pressure on CCOs as they continue to increase their workloads and the span of control that they will be held personally liable for by the DOJ and SEC. Chief Compliance Officers like Helane Morrison have been placed on high alert because of the personal stakes related to their jobs. DOJ’s Hui Chen has already begun making waves and 99% of surveyed CCOs expect that Chen will continue to intensify the scrutiny of compliance programs.

Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners LLC in November of 2007, according to Bloomberg. She now serves as Managing Director, Principal, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Member of Executive Committee for the firm. Given her vast experiences, including head of enforcement with the SEC in the San Francisco office for 3 years, Morrison knows what the SEC will be striving to enforce with the newest initiatives related to the DOJ’s Yates Memo.

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Igor Cornelsen, Champion Investor and Advisor

When it comes to investing your money things can seem a bit confusing. Igor Cornelsen has been able to clear up some of this confusion easily. Having been a banker and investment expert Igor is currently the Chief Executive Office of Bainbridge investments on houzz.com. Believing that making long term investments can continuously create profits, basically investing is like a career. Of course investors need to be ready to place their funds in different portfolios for several years to gain the returns on those investments.

Providing invaluable advice to those whom wish to venture into these types of commitments Igor Cornelsen has not left his services only in Brazil. People from across the world have been helped with his advice. First and foremost he feels that people should connect with the locals to ‘fit their cultures’. Next investors on prnewswire.com need to set rules and regulations of the country they plan to invest in. By adhering to these two simple rules ‘of thumb’ investors can be guaranteed operations without huge incidents.

Igor Cornelsen also believes that Brazil can become a large role in the world of investments. Having shown a large growth in its economy Brazil has benefited from Igor’s advice to investors in ‘taking stake’ in the growing economy. With his banking Igor has helped the Brazilian banks to secure profits during their financial woes. Igor Cornelsen has also been able to stay ahead of the game where investments are concerned. Igor has a belief that placing it is better to place small investments than one considerably large investment sin a company. In doing so this will reduce the risk factor one can find themselves in. His way of thinking is that several investments on ireport.cnn.com can help the investor to lessen the chances of future losses.

Igor Cornelsen’s experience makes it easy for others to look up to him. Sharing his expertise with others whom wish to succeed in the world of investing no matter who they are. Race, status, or nationality matter not to him. Igor has helped many people to not only make informed decisions but successful ones. With his brilliant ideas in the ever changing world of investment no one can afford to ignore his advice. It is easy to see that Igor Cornelsen has not only striven to be the best he can but also the policy that others can as well. Investing may not be ‘rocket science’ but with Igor’s advice it can seem less scary and more logical.

They Can’t Eat You is a Must Read for Startups

According to Vanessa Kings Books, entrepeneurs looking to feel empowered need to read Marc Sparks new book They Can’t Eat You. This book offers practical advice on how to become an entrepreneur even if you never attend a day of college.

In fact, Marc Sparks was just a C+ student when he graduated in 1975 from a high school in Austin, Texas. Through the pages of the book, he shows readers how they can build their own success stories, regardless of their background.

Readers of this book are given practical advice from Marc Sparks who developed his system by creating over 60 startup companies. Six of those companies he is currently operating including Croft + Company. Not only does Marc have the practical experience needed to guide entrepreneurs on the right path, but he is also an experienced leadership coach having developed his own programs that have been used by over 230 executives including those from many Fortune 500 companies.

In They Can’t Eat You, Marc shares effective advice on how to align talent with strategy, how to position a company for rapid growth, how to control staff turnarounds and how to be an effective leader. This 121 page book offers 50 quick lessons that can easily be read in a few minutes but will change the way that entrepreneurs do business for the rest of their careers.

Marc introduces readers to the important basics that he has used to build his companies including faith, passion, tenacity, focus, monetization and urgency.

After reading this book, readers will be ready to conquer their own little corner of the world using the techniques that he presents. Then, they will be ready to build their own list of successful startup companies.

Read more at https://disqus.com/by/marcsparks/

Wen by Chaz: A Personal and Honest 7-Day Hair Experience

Chaz Dean is the visionary artist and hair lover behind Wen by Chaz. Chaz had humble beginnings in the hair world but worked his way up on pure talent. His talent began to gather attention from upscale clientèle, and one day he was able to get his own salon.

Chaz was able to bring his ‘attention to beauty’ to stars and other people who trusted his ability to bring out the best in them. One of the things that he was most proud of was his revolutionary hair care and treatment line. This was a line he developed for his customers but later released to the general public. This product is now known as: Wen by Chaz.

A 7-Day Experience of Wen by Chaz

Products promise all kinds of results, but the big question is if they are able to deliver on their promises. Wen is another product that promised on a QVC commercial several positive results after using it. The promise was rooted on the special formula that contained many natural extracts that help revitalize hair and add an immense amount of volume.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a multi-purpose product that is a conditioner, deep leave-in conditioner, treatment, and shampoo. A article in Bustle chronicled a hair enthusiast’s decision to try this formula out. Emily, the hair enthusiast, decided to only give WEN seven days to prove itself.

The first day saw some beautification that surprised her. Emily’s hair felt softer and had more volume, but it fell flat after the day was over. Emily’s hair began to get greasier than usual but she persisted. And, to her surprise, her hair grew accustomed to WEN, and she is now enjoying amazing results that last without any negative side effects.



Television Series with New Twist

Imagine a television series with a new angle and twist. The Queens of Drama television series accomplishes just that. In this series, several former soap opera actresses and actors are put to the ultimate test to see if they can create their very own, original soap opera. Some of the actors included in this show are Jason Shane Scott, Sam Sarpong as well as Lorenzo Lamas. Vanessa Marcil, Donna Mills, Lindsay Hartley and Crystal Hunt herself are just a few of the actresses that were chosen to star in Queens of Drama. The show follows these former actresses and actors as they try to create the very thing that made them famous; a successful television series. The team must do all of the work for the show including production, writing and pitching. The whole goal is to see if the team can land a deal to produce the series. April 26, 2015 was the release date for this series and it has received positive feedback from viewers who love to see their favorite soap actors and actresses back in action with a little twist.

Crystal Hunt represents one of the main actresses on the Queens of Drama television series. In fact, Hunt is present for a total of nine episodes of the entire season, which makes up a large majority of the season. Crystal Hunt brings a strong and knowledgable presence to the screen. Hunt and Lindsay Hartley, another former soap star, have an ongoing stressed relationship which creates tension for the show and certainly offers the name Queens of Drama.

Her YouTube highlights indicate Crystal Hunt began her professional career at a young age often performing in local pageants and commercials. Her career as a soap opera star escalated when she was given the role of Lizzie Spaulding in the longest running television drama Guiding Light. The series followed a group of families as life unfolded for them in Springfield. Crystal Hunt saw a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her role on Guiding Light. Crystal Hunt was also featured on One Life to Live as Stacy Morasco. Other than soap opera roles, Hunt has also worked extensively in movies. Her most recent performance was in Magic Mike XXL. When she is not acting, Hunt is pursuing other ventures. She co-founded My Pet’s Dream Boutique and recently released her first full length film. The name of the film is Talbot County and was released in 2015.  Follow Ms. Hunt through her photography site to keep up on her career, or also to keep informed about what she does next.

Kyle Bass, Prediction Fame to Patent Troll Games

Hayman Capitol Management L.P. founder Kyle Bass earned his notoriety by correctly predicting the 2008 U.S. mortgage crisis, resulting in a personal gain of approximately half a billion dollars. Bass admits to being tipped off by an investment banker while attending a wedding in Spain, perhaps lending some insight as to why we are still waiting for his next big predictions to pan out.

The Hedge Fund Manager predicted a great collapse for Japan’s economy in 2011, and remains the only one championing for Argentina, even after an irresponsible default last year. What benefit Kyle Bass foresees remains unknown.

Besides standing by Argentina’s poor choices, UsefulStooges indicates Mr. Bass has been busy keeping himself in the public eye. Even when it seemed to all that he could not deny making a bad choice investing in General Motors, Bass took to the air. There were 13 deaths, all involving the faulty air bag and power stealing issues GM was fully aware of at the time. Without sympathy, the investment professional insisted, to the public, that 12 of these 13 fellow citizens were not wearing their seat belts or had been driving under the influence.

As his fame and predictions trailed off, Kyle Bass took up a partnership with the original patent troll, Erich Spangenberg, for what else is one to do in these times of trouble? This dream team short sells a targeted pharmaceutical companies stocks, then proceeds to challenge one or more of the companies patents, using their front organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. The pharmaceutical companies stock falls and these fine gentlemen make a few million while pharmaceuticals prices go up and medical research funding plummets.

When confronted with the notion of causing the sick to further suffer, Bass initially waved this thought away, claiming to champion the general public and strive for more affordable medication. Later, when it became undeniably clear that his intention was personal gain, Bass admitted to being motivated by profit. After all, pharmaceutical companies are motivated by profit, why shouldn’t he join in the fun?

Both the House and Senate are now working on bills to squash this behavior, with hopes of stopping Bass, and others, from harming more than just their careers.

Role Played by BMG and Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães is a famous Brazilian entrepreneur who is privileged to be a member of a powerful and great family of Antônio Mourão Guimarães. Ricardo is the Chief Executive Officer of Banco BMG, a privately owned bank that was founded in 1930. Ricardo has invested in agriculture where he cultivates coffee and also in the mining industry. BMG was founded by his grandfather more than 80 years ago, and then it was called Land Credit Bank. Today, BMG is a leading bank in Brazil providing payroll loans to public and private employees. He took over the leadership of the bank in 1998 and he was able to transform it and became a national lender across Brazil.


Ricardo Guimarães is very hardworking and innovative, and for this reason, BMG adopted a strategy that would make it a leader in providing credit facilities to individuals and institutional clients. The bank has professional consultants in the entire country, as a way of reaching out to all qualified clients who want to access their services. BMG’s strategy is to offer credit at low interests, targeting high credit worth clients whose rate of default is very minimal. This strategy that was implemented by Ricardo Guimarães made the bank in lending sector across Brazil.


Ricardo has adopted another strategy of partnering and sponsoring several football teams in Brazil. In addition, the bank has also sponsored individual athletes in different sports. Today, BMG is recognized as the largest sponsor of football teams in Brazil. BMG earns good returns from these sponsorships, and it has led to an upward trend in its revenues. He is very optimistic that his company will continue to be strong and outperform its competitors in the market. The bank is planning on reducing its payroll loans’ share, and focus on a diverse range of services that will make it more competitive in the financial market in Brazil. This was reported on Agencia Estado on .


Ricardo’s take on sponsorship deal undertaken by BMG
According to Ricardo, BMG values supporting sport talents and also the community. As such, the bank has been sponsored football clubs and individual athletes up to the international scene. Currently, the bank is sponsoring a professional tennis player (Melo), who is performing extremely well in the international scene. As the company is sponsoring sports, on the other hand its benefiting from the marketing campaign being conducted directly and indirectly. Link….

George Soros Sees 2008 All Over Again

Billionaire George Soros has been in the news and recently told an economic forum in Sri Lanka, specifically focused on China, predicting that the global markets are facing a serious challenge similar to the 2008 financial crisis, and investors need to be very careful.

The currency devaluation in China is creating problems for the rest of the world, Soros said in Colombo. Interest rates don’t look positive and it’s a challenge and causes concern and Soros sees parallels between the current early implosion in markets and the 2008 financial crisis. This was fueled by enormous risk related to complex mortgage-backed securities. If China devalues, then other Asian nations will come under pressure to follow suit, for fear of losing competitive position on forbes.com. That will trigger worries about those Asian companies that have borrowed in dollars.

The Chinese Yuan started sinking in the first week of the new year as a result of the Global currency, stock and commodity markets. China, The world’s second-largest economy has been causing a lot of market jitters since last August and thereby creates concern about China’s economy strength because now it shifts away from investment and manufacturing towards consumption and services.

George Soros is a business magnate, philanthropist,investor and author, of Jewish-Hungarian ancestry and holds dual citizenship. George Soros knows about financial markets and believed to have a net worth of $23 billion. For decades, his hedge fund averages returns of 20% a year. As of Dec. 31, 2015, funds at Soros Fund Management, were valued at $5.4 billion. George Soros is founder and chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations, a network of foundations, partners, and projects in more than 100 countries. Soros has retired from the day-to-day operations of his fund and is now focused on his foundations and philanthropy.

Soros signed on to be the co-chair of the finance council for Ready for Hillary for the 2016 presidential election cycle, a Super PAC in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Soros has spent or committed more than $13 million to support Soros is primarily a philanthropist, with important contributions in Eastern Europe to help the former Soviet bloc countries change themselves completely into democracies.

George Soros, a best seller author has written fourteen books that offer insights into how he approaches investing and business and share his perspectives on economics, politics, globalization, philanthropy, and open societies.

Find Out more about George Soros’s activities that are separate from the Open Society Foundations.

Companies That are Flexible and Willing to Adapt


While it is good to have a company that is focused on one type of service, a lot of customers look for companies that offer a multitude of related services in order to provide customers with a one stop shop. White Shark Media makes sure that it provides the best services possible with what it is designed for. It is also willing to add new services to the mix as it depends on the structure of the company. While the company typically does advertising campaigns for its clients, some clients have requested that they add SEO services to the mix.

While White Shark Media does not offer SEO services, they are willing to recommend some good vendors and also provide a review of the optimization work provided to the client. White Shark Media understands the importance of SEO. In fact, if people are able to get their sites on the front page of Google, they will get a lot of traffic at very little cost. In fact, their traffic can increase with SEO where with advertising, they get the amount of views that they pay for. One thing the client could do when they get an optimized article is to send it to a strategist who will then send it to White Shark Media for testimonials.

While White Shark Media does not offer every type of service, it is helpful for every aspect of Internet Marketing. White Shark Media makes sure that all of the complaints and needs of their clients are met so that they can run a profitable online business. White Shark Media carefully looks through all of the feedback it receives so that it continues to offer improvements to the services that it offers. As White Shark Media grows, it will not only continue to provide great service, but it will also manage to adapt to the changes in the search engine algorithms.