New Shows Will Be Premiering On MTV2

MTV2 will be releasing shows soon that feature big name artists such as Tyga and Nick Cannon as well as others. Each show will have its own title, and the shows are set to air in the summertime. MTV2 New Shows. Those who are fans of these artists, they may want to look forward to watching the shows, even if it’s just to support their favorite artist. Nick Cannon works on the show “America’s Got Talent,” and it looks like he can cram some more work into his schedule.

BusinessInsider suggests that not only does Nick work on his own show, he also produces music. Nick Cannon is going through a divorce right now, and Mariah Carey and him have been separated for over a year. Even with Nick’s personal problems, he still continues to thrive professionally. Tyga on the other hand, he’s doing okay professionally, but he’s running into one problem after another. Not only is Tyga being sued by several and entities, he’s also being criticized for his relationship with his 17 year old girlfriend.

Kylie Jenner is only 17, and rumors have been circulating that Tyga and Kylie were seeing each other when she was 16 years old. Even at Kylie’s young age, she was able to purchase a two million dollar mansion, which means she has the privacy and space to bring her boyfriend there if she wants. The relationship has hurt Tyga’s career, but it’s possible that the future will allow people to forget his indiscretions.

Fans Worry About Upcoming Mariah Carey Show

Mariah Carey recently started her shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Mariah Carey has been signed to a residency in Las Vegas and its planned to go on for a while. Many fans were disappointed this past Wednesday when Mariah had to cancel her show last minute because of bronchitis. Mariah Las Vegas. This past Saturday, a show was supposed to go on as well, but many had called with concerns. Many fans felt like they would be stiffed like the fans on Wednesday, but fans were assured that Mariah would be on stage.

Mariah has other engagements as well as she is supposed to do a Billboard performance on the same night she has to do her own show according to Jaime Garcia Dias. Since both shows are in Las Vegas, it’s very likely that Mariah Carey will be able to make both shows on Sunday. Mariah is one of the highest paid persons to have a residency in Las Vegas, and she’s one of the most well known persons too. Others who have had a residency or are planning one in Las Vegas are Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, and Britney Spears.

Many have recently made comments about Mariahs singing ability, and many felt that she no longer sounded the same. TMZ got a hold of a performance tape, and Mariah hit and exceeded everyone’s expectations. In the performance, Mariah hit all the high notes that she used to hit when she was on top of the music charts.

American Idol to Air for Last Time in 2016

Fox has decided to cancel the previously popular show, American Idol. The show featured wanna-be famous vocal artists in competition for a recording contract and a promise of sky-rocketing to fame and fortune. The show aired once a year, several times a week for most of its run. However, this year it is only airing once a week and ratings have dropped significantly.

During it’s first few years, as many as 38 million viewers tuned in to cheer on and vote for their favorite contestants. The show has brought us talented and popular singers such as: Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, David Cook and the very first winner Kelly Clarkson.

Runner up from season five, Katharine McPhee, went on to star in the series, Scorpion, which just finished it’s debut season. Season eight brought us runner up, Adam Lambert who went on to be the front man for Queen along with his own popular albums.

After the extreme popularity of the show, the market began to become saturated with copy-cat shows all trying to come close to the success of American Idol. Unfortunately for the series, the three original judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson leaving proved to be the final straw for the declining program. After several attempts with new judges to revive ratings, it seems that it has come to an end.

Regardless, we can not deny that American Idol has been iconic during the last generation and many of us have spent many enjoyable evenings finding new musical favorites to obsess over.

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Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour Delights Fans with Every Song

Swifties unite! Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour is a major hit with fans. With her stylish and quirky (and tasteful) wardrobe changes, catchy tunes, and amazing light spectacles to keep her audience riveted, the unstoppable Swift does not disappoint with a single song.

Opening with a NYC backdrop and enough male dancers to make anyone swoon, Swift greets the crowd warmly and excitedly. Her classic style is to make people feel engaged and involved in what she does, which is what makes her fan base so loyal to begin with.

The tone of her 1989 tour is fun, carefree whimsy, and just a hint of Swift-like attitude. Fans who adore the singer are already scrambling to get online to catch quick glimpses of her Tokyo and American tour, so they can feel part of the action.

Sold out and still at the top of her game, this new pop princess is holding the reigns in the music industry, and showing no signs of stopping. Saying goodbye to country music for good seems to have been her best career move yet, as her show is nothing short of exhilarating for all her loyal fans.

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Grateful Dead “Fare Thee Well” Shows to Be Available Online

To the thousands of fans unable to get tickets to the sold-out final Grateful Dead shows, fear not. Their three shows at Chicago’s Solider Field shows will be available on pay-per-view. Brought to you by the folks at Live Alliance, you can enjoy the Chicago leg of the Fare Thee Well finale tour from the comfort of your own home. Fathom Events will be bringing the the July 3rd, 4th and 5th shows to theaters as well to provide the closest concert experience you can get without being there in person Ricardo Guimarães BMG (Terra for more info) of Fathom claims. The Santa Clara shows (June 27th and 28th) will be available for online streaming. For the uber fans, Dead 50‘s pre-sale grants all five shows via webcast for $79.95.
The PPV event will run almost like a special edition DVD complete with a host (CNBC’s Steve Liesman) and Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Walton (arguably the most famous of all Deadheads) as special guest co-host. Intermissions will be loaded with extras as well including taped interviews, live interviews with fans and a short documentary on the Grateful Dead by director Justin Kreutzmann.

Celebrity Deathmatch Returning!

Although it has been a decade since MTV cancelled its popular claymation series Celebrity Deathmatch, and 17 years since the show was created, fans happily learned on Tuesday, April 14, that Eric Fogel, Chris McCarthy, Paul Ricci and Ricardo Tosto have managed to convince MTV to bring the show back through MTV2. It’s unknown if the show will return as a new series in the same format or as a complete reboot.

Celebrity Deathmatch depicted popular celebrities in animated clay form fighting one another inside a boxing-style ring in a wide variety of gory fashions with fictional characters Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond as commentators and retired boxer and boxer referee Mills Lane, who voiced his part through 2002, as the referee. From 1998 through 2005, with an interruption from 2002 to 2005, Celebrity Deathmatch ran six seasons and 93 episodes before cancellation.

Many fictional and real celebrities from film, TV, talk shows, music and other areas of entertainment were featured in the series in recurring and guest roles including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Debbie Matenopoulos, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marilyn Manson, Charles Manson, Beavis and Butt-head, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Howard Stern, Kathy Lee Gifford, RuPaul, The Spice Girls, Hanson, Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Drew Carey, Bill Clinton, Mariah Carey, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Allen, Rosie O’Donnell, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Letterman, Fiona Apple, Garth Brooks, Bill Gates, Prince and Prince Charles.

Meet Potential Friends And Dates Nearby With The Skout App

At inception, Skout was originally a social media platform designed for iOS users. It has since transformed into a dating and friend-making app. Skout is accessible across multiple platforms and offers a variety of features. Currently, users from 180 countries access the app in 14 different languages. The app continues to grow in popularity and connect users in new ways. New features come to the app on a regular basis, too.

Skout: Connecting Potential Friends and Dates

Through location-based results, Skout connects its users together. Many people use the app for dating, but others are simply looking for friends. Users will see a list of individuals near their location that match their preferences. From there, a person can chat with another person and connect with him or her. Various features modify the experience but still connect users for friendship or romance.

How to Access Skout

Skout was originally available on iOS devices and through a Web portal. Since then, an Android version of the app has been introduced. All three versions come with similar features so that the experience is identical no matter what. Each platform is accessible through a single username and password for convenience. When a person signs up for the platform, they can connect with Facebook or use their email address.

How many people use Skout?

A hard figure on the number of people using Skout isn’t available. However, analysts believe the user base is approaching 100 million users. Skout adds more than one million new users to its ranks each month, too. The entire platform is on an upward trend for growth. For current users, this means that a given person will always have other people to connect and interact with around themselves.

The Addition of Nixter and Fuse

Skout acquired Nixter in May 2014 and then launched Fuse the following month. The latter app is designed to connect users to nightlife events in their city. On the other hand, Fuse creates a small social network based upon a user’s address book. Nixter is only available in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Fuse can be accessed anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available.

Outlook For The Future

In the coming years, Skout will continue to grow among United States and international users alike. Features continue to be refined and added to the platform to accommodate users. Few dating and friendship apps are more popular than Skout. Plus, the company continues to acquire or launch new apps that improve Skout’s visibility. The future looks bright for the app and its parent company.

Kanye West Inspired By Drake’s Work Ethic

Kanye said that he was finally relaxed after dropping all the albums he dropped, and he felt pretty satisfied about his accomplishments and decided to take a break, or as he would say “Get Fat”. After Drake came out with his latest album ‘If you’re reading this, it’s too late’, Kanye got a little motivated to hit the studio again and start working on releasing a new album.

But it all changed when Drake had 14 songs in the same album make it to the charts, then the competition bug started to grow back in Kanye. He felt that now is the time to show the people what he has, since Drake just pretty much took the first place as one of the best from Kanye, as he would see it.

Dan Newlin knows that Kanye looks up to Drake now and is very inspired by his latest album release and hard work. Drake broke some records by coming out with his album, and now Kanye feels like it’s his turn to see how many records he can break in his new upcoming album.

Although there is a competition between the two, it is more of a friendly motivational thing than it is a rivalry. Kanye discussed all the efforts he will be making in his new album while also talking about current social events that are taking place in our societies. He finally discussed his views on fashion today and ended with wanting the world to have more joy, love, and understanding.

The Antique Wine Company: Famous Wine Merchants

Wine is a complex and ancient drink that people have been enjoying for many centuries. People today will often find that the right wine can help bring out the flavors of any dish and help them enjoy the meal more. Even those who are familiar with the basics of wine may want to expand their knowledge of wine. They may also want to develop an elegant wine cellar at home that they can use to entertain others who are visiting for a special occasion of any kind. The right wine can be used both every day for an ordinary meal and when holding a party.

This is one of many reasons why people look for help in expanding their understanding of the field of wine. The right help can help people develop an appreciation of fine wines and enhance their knowledge of food pairings. One of the ways to get such help is to work with an established company such as the Antique Wine Company. Founded in 1982, the company has been a huge resource for many who are looking to help develop their understanding of wine as well as those who may not be familiar with the subject at all. With the help of a company like this one, anyone can find out which wines appeal to them as well which wines are best to serve with certain kinds of courses.

The Antique Wine Company has been able to help thousands of customers over the years. Today, this company is a wine merchant that helps those who are looking for fine and rare wines to find them. The company is currently based in London. Stephen Williams is the founder and he has helped it develop into a serious source of wine knowledge for thousands of clients over the years. At present, the company has thousands of serious clients who work with their wine stewards to get wine to customers in more than seventy countries around the world. Those in search of truly fine wine will find it here. Company officials have currently have thousands of bottles of the world’s best wines that are available for purchase from the company’s well stocked cellars. Company officials have long been known for engaging in various events related to the world of wine. They can help find unusual wines, create specialized classes customers teach them how to create a wine cellar.

Grateful Dead and Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio was asked by Phil Lesh to join the Grateful Dead Reunion Tour this summer. Trey will be playing guitar with the rest of the band members this summer during a Fourth of July concert in Chicago.
Trey has a long history with the band and was an avid fan of their live shows. He attended many of their shows and was heavily influenced by the way the band jammed together when he started to form the band Phish. After finishing a tour with Phish and playing in Miami, he received an email and accepted the chance to play guitar for the upcoming tour.
The tour is in honor of the band’s fifty year history and the twenty year anniversary of leader singer Jerry Garcia’s passing. Fans like Susan McGalla know that he passed away after the Grateful Dead’s final show together at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. More on McGalla can be found on 
After accepting the chance to play with the band Trey and Weir came up with about sixty songs they would enjoy playing together. They will be playing these songs to a packed house this July as ticket sales have already been very promising since the release of the information. Both bands had a huge following of tie dyed concert goers that would follow them from city to city. The upcoming show and reunion tour is rumored to be the last one for the band. The combination of gifted musicians playing during the tour will make it a great show to attend this summer.