Dropping it Like it’s Hot: The New Album Release Strategy

Technology and music have had a love-hate relationship ever since the days of Napster. With CD and album prices dropping significantly each year, artists are still trying various ways to get their material out to the masses. The newest craze began with a bang as Beyonce dropped an entire album out to the public in one announcement. The music industry may never be the same.

Surprise Alert!

Beyonce used the power of instant downloads to offer her new album. No costly marketing scheme for months on end or CD packaging costs for her or the record company. It was literally a surprise for all her fans and the music industry. The album took off and sold incredible numbers because of its surprise association and easy downloadable format. Music instantly to your device is still an amazing convenience.

Invasive vs. Smart Marketing

The Irish band U2 went a step further and made their surprise album automatically downloaded into everyone’s iTunes music library. All of a sudden, everyone from your grandmother in Canton to Gianfrancesco Genoso in Brazil had the album whether they liked it or not. Some music industry insiders called this strategy invasive and U2’s Bono agrees. However, he used the format as a throwback to rebellious punk rock days to make his point about agreeing to the project. Millions of people have heard the music, giving the band another lift in sales and popularity.

As technology evolves, so does the marketing plans for music industry professionals and musicians. It’s tough to say what will come next for the next big album, but it’s bound to make a stir with anyone holding a device. Music at your fingertips beats pulling out a CD, cassette or vinyl album any day.