Makari de Suisse- Gentle, Effective Skincare

If you are looking for the best brand possible to lighten your skin without the damaging side effects of most skin lightening products, look no further than Makari de Suisse.

Makari products have gained popularity over the last ten years due to their effective, yet gentle, quality ingredients. Many skin lightening products offer less than satisfying results, but Makari products will truly change your skin.

Makari products are manufactured in Switzerland, which is known for its devotion to quality products. The products are tailored specifically for men and women of color who, historically speaking, have essentially been ignored by the beauty industry. They have different needs to be addressed, and that is what Makari excels at.

Makari’s skin lightening products are safe, natural, and effective. They do not contain Hydroquinone, which although it is a popular ingredient in most skin lightening products, it is associated with very negative side effects. Makari’s skin lighteners are made with only natural ingredients, so there are no harsh side effects. They will even out skin tone, fade any discoloration (such as hyperpigmentation and liver spots), and combat signs of premature aging.

You can purchase Makari products individually, or in kits, which gives you more bang for your buck. The “Lightening Ensemble” kit is very popular, as is the Makari 24K Gold Lightening Soap.

Makari offers more than just skin lightening products though! Makari has something for everyone and for every skin type. Even if you are not looking to lighten your skin, Makari has something to solve a multitude of skin problems. Makari even offers hair care products, fragrances, and makeup.

In Swahili, the word Makari means “beautiful” and that is precisely how you will feel when using Makari products.

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Dynamic Search Partners Helps Fund Schools

Keith Mann, with the help of his company, Dynamic Search Partners, has managed to accomplish what many thought to be impossible. By establishing a partnership with Uncommon Schools, Mann and his associates have managed to raise over $22,000 for the organization. By raising these funds, Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners hope that Uncommon Schools can improve the quality of life of its students and provide them with the testing resources that they desperately need.

As per Uncommon Schools description of its organization, their primary goal is to improve the lives of the millions of students across America that live in poverty. By providing these students with the resources they need, it is the hope of Uncommon Schools that these students can eventually move on from high school and transition into college. While in pursuit of this goal, Uncommon Schools has been able to build a new high school in Brooklyn. In addition to furthering its expansion goals, Dynamic Search Partners has helped Uncommon Schools achieve full funding for its students for an entire school year.

It is evident through his interactions with both his associates and Uncommon Schools that Keith Mann prides himself on being an innovator that champions hard work. By rallying his staff and directing their efforts towards improving the lives of students, Mann has also helped build up the reputation of Dynamic Search Partners. In addition to being considered one of the best executive search firms in the industry, Dynamic Search Partners is also now recognized nationally for its fundraising efforts in support of impoverished children.

For his part, Keith Mann has been working with charitable organizations and fundraisers for many years now. In addition to being an expert on hedge fund compensation, hiring strategies, and staffing issues, Keith Mann has also worked global financial services firms to help them achieve their goals. Every year, Keith Mann leads Dynamic Search Partners around the globe as they perform their services at the international level.

Laidlaw & Company Helped Me Start My New Business

There are a lot of people who like me in that they want to start a business after they retire. I wanted to make sure that I got it done as fast as I could, and the only way to get that done is to use money that was raised for that purpose. I would prefer to not spend all my retirement on this, and that is why I would prefer to use the money that I raised separately with Laidlaw & Company to get what I needed to. I wanted to start the company fresh, and I knew that I could do that pretty easily after doing all that investing.

There are many people who think that they just need to take a loan, but it actually makes more sense for someone like me to plan in advance. I got James Ahern and Matthew Eitner on the phone, and we had a really good talk about starting the business. They know what that is like, and I am so glad that they told me what to do. It has been so much easier for me to get the business going because of Laidlaw & Company, and now I have an investment in my own building that I love.

I would tell anyone to at least try Laidlaw & Company to get their business started. I know that my business has been running well because I had the cash that I needed to get it going. I did not have to spend a dollar of my own money for retirement, and I am now supplementing my income with the money that I used with Laidlaw & Company. We are running something that I believe in, and it was not a risk at all. Laidlaw & Company made it easy for me to get this done.

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Review of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

If you follow beauty bloggers, you have likely heard about low ‘poo or no ‘poo hair trends, including co-washing. These entail cutting down on shampoo use by washing hair once or twice a week or, in some cases, month. Co-washing refers to using cleansing conditioners in lieu of shampoos. These routines are typically targeted at individuals with thick, curly hair, so how do they stack up for those with fine hair?
One writer at Bustle decided to take on the challenge and opted to use WEN by Chaz, which is the product that started the entire trend. Wen is a very popular cleansing conditioner that comes in a wide variety of scents available on Amazon. It is meant to be a one-step replacement to using shampoo, conditioner and styling products like leave-in conditioners or detangling sprays.

The author at Bustle took on the task for a week, following an every-other-day hair-washing schedule. On the days she used WEN by Chaz, her hair looked great and she received tons of compliments on the shine and volume of her hair. On the days she did not use WEN, however, she found her hair looking a little bit flat and greasy. She admitted herself, though, that this was typical of her hair.

Overall, the author recommended WEN by Chaz for women with fine hair, but only if they have the commitment to wash it every day. Women following the low ‘poo or no ‘poo schedules may have better results sticking to their regular routines if they are after high volume on days when they skip washing. In general, she had a great experience with WEN by Chaz. Check out this article about Wen: For more info, visit the Wen Official YouTube channel.


Susan McGalla a Work History

Susan McGalla is most well known for being the Director of Planning for the football team the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and shared a small home with her two brothers, mother, and father who made a living as a coach for a local football team. The game was a big deal within their family. Her two brother played football while they were in school and it would effect Susan McGalla’s future profession. She graduated from Mount Union College where she studied business and marketing and earned her bachelor’s degree. During her time at Mount Union College she met her future husband, Stephen McGalla, who would later become a wealth manager. Later Susan McGalla would become a member of the Mount Union College’s Board of Advisors. She was a former director for the Allegheny Conference which focused on Community Development. She remains a member of the board for HFF Inc., which is a company that is publicly traded and gives real estate services to current and future commercial owners.

Read more: Susan McGalla – Director of Strategic Planning and Growth @ The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC

Susan McGalla also is a board member for the Magee-Womens Hospital. For many years she worked as an executive consultant for a few businesses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her business career started at the Joseph Horne Company in 1986. She had numerous managerial and marketing titles until she left in 1994. Susan McGalla always pushed herself and the companies she worked for to be the best on She even earned a spot as the president of the clothing company American Eagle Outfitters Inc. after working as the company’s divisional merchandise with other managerial roles for only a few years. She also became the company’s chief merchandising officer. At American Eagle Susan McGalla was able to launch their first two company brands “77kids” and “Aerie” which were highly successful with consumers. Susan McGalla also worked as the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. as well.. Both positions she would later step down from in 2009 and 2011 respectively, after many years of service. For a short time she dabbled as private consultant for financial and retail investment industries. In 2012 Susan McGalla founded her own company, P3 Executive Consulting. She would later find herself being hire by the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. She has gone on record saying she is very comfortable with her position and plans to hold it for many years to come.

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More Than Damage Control – How Online Reputation Management Firms Can Help Entrepreneurs Mitigate Negative Information and Protect Your Brand

When your reputation is on the line, every second counts. The longer negative information about you or company is out on the internet the more damage it will do costing you time, money and opportunities. When you are faced with negative information about you or your business floating around online, you need to act quickly and hire an Online Reputation Management (ORM) firm.
Online Reputation Management is the practice of removing or mitigating negative information (old college pictures, negative customer reviews or damaging remarks or affiliations) from the Web. ORM professionals are experts in SEO technology and can make negative information disappear or move so far down the queue that potential clients won’t see it. But, keep in mind, hiring an ORM firm isn’t always about fixing negative information. A quality ORM firm will also help you use social media to your advantage so that opportunities aren’t lost because what you do professionally doesn’t match up with your online persona. Many people forget about this, but if you are an investment broker and your online persona says you are a part-time rocker then that needs fixing, and fast!

If you’re wondering if you need an ORM firm, the answer is Yes! Most ORM professionals wish their clients would have enlisted their services before there was a problem. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to prevent a problem than to solve one.

Remember, you are never too small to hire an ORM firm. Disgruntled employees, an unhappy spouse or a jealous partner can wreak havoc on your online reputation. Also, entrepreneurship has grown tremendously in recent years, and if you are successful, you can quickly find yourself a mini celebrity, and we know how often celebrities come under attack. Protect your brand and your business by consulting with an ORM firm now.


Get Innovative Medicare Advantage Plans from InnovaCare Health

Good health is an important aspect of the life of everyone as it helps people enjoy life and be productive. As it is not something to be bought at a grocery store, it needs to be created and maintained at the same time. That has been the aspiration of the government for a long time. As part of healthcare reforms, the government tried to introduce competition among the providers of Original Medicare to improve the quality of health care and make plans more affordable and responsive to the needs of beneficiaries. However, this was not forthcoming as the local markets were consolidating allowing for limited competition. It is on this premise that the federal government introduced Medicare Advantage like InnovaCare Health to serve as an alternative to the Original Medicare.

Today, the beneficiaries of Medicare can get their health insurance either through Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan. The plans providing Medicare benefits are compensated by the federal government. Just like Original Medicare, the plans must cover Part A and Part B benefits. Part A benefits provided by the plans include skilled nursing services, in-patient hospital and hospice. The services provided by physicians and surgeons are excluded. Part B benefits cover services to physicians and surgeons and outpatient hospital services that are medically necessary. Some plans may offer extra insurance such as dental, hearing, vision and health and wellness programs. Most plans also include Part D Medicare prescription drug coverage.

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People usually pay Medicare Advantage Plan premiums every month in addition to Part B premiums. In 2016, most people are reported to be paying Part B premiums of $104.90 every month. Those who wish to get services that are categorized as medically unnecessary have to cater for the costs of the services.

Although many commercial health insurance companies are offering Medicare Advantage Plans, few have ratings of four and above on a scale of 1-5 stars. One plan with these ratings is InnovaCare Health Solutions, and as the name suggests, it provides innovative Medicare Advantage Plans as well as physician practice services. The company uses the modern technology to come up with sustainable and cost-effective models with the aim of offering quality healthcare services.

Rick Shinto, who is the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Together with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer, InnovaCare has created a legacy of putting patients’ needs as the top priority. With its headquarters at Fort Lee, N.J., the company has two affiliates in Puerto Rico: MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice.

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Nutrimost files suit against rival Healthy Living

Healthy Living was served with a lawsuit in federal court by Nutrimost. The lawsuit state Healthy Living stole a promotional video Nutrimost was using on their website. The video appeared on the Healthy Living website can’, with only a slight change.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

The video on Healthy Living’s website contained customer testimonials by Nutrimost, and also one by the author of the diet, Dr. Ray Wisniewski. References to Nutrimost were removed, and replaced with “Can’t Lose Diet”.

Both videos make identical claims about the program. One is that you can lose 25 to 45 pounds of weight in 40 days without the use of exercise, and you will never feel hungry. In addition, you will never need to use harmful drugs, hormones, or undergo any type of surgery.

A cease and desist order was received by the rival company, but the video was still being shown, although the length of the video was shortened down from the original version. The website has not shown the video since.

Nutrimost wants the courts to bar Healthy Living from ever showing the video again, and in addition they want over $300,000 in damages to the company. The damages are for loss of “reputation and goodwill”.

Nutrimost delivers the most advanced weight loss system in the industry to their customers. A person can lose between 25 to 40 pounds of body fat in as little as 40 days. There are no drugs that need to be prescribed, and no hormones either.

With this weight loss system, a person will never have to exercise, or ever feel hungry. This system, provided by Nutrimost, is safe and is monitored by a doctor while a person is using it.

Securus Connects Inmates and Loved Ones Through Video

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced since the incarnation of my cousin is the ability to visit him. Many people find themselves in the same boat. Wanting to give support and encouragement to our loved ones while they serve their time but unable to make frequent visits. I think in my cousin’s case, feeling the love and support of family will be a big part of him getting out and staying out when his time is served. Unfortunately, at the small local correctional facility where he is housed, there are only two hours a day where visitors can meet with an incarcerated friend or family member. There are two main obstacle preventing me and many other people from visiting; distance and visiting hours.

Distance can be a problem
Sometimes people live far from the correctional facility their loved one resides in. Sometimes the practicality of bringing young children or aging parents to the facility for a visit is off the table. This can create distance and lack of support for the incarcerated inmate. I recently watched a video that looks like it offers a solution to both problems. Securus Video Visitation Christmas. In the video, an incarcerated father is able to watch and talk to his young son on Christmas morning. He’s able to be part of an exciting and memorable day for his son, making him feel much more a part of the family and not so disconnected.

Securus brings the VOIP technology of Facetime and Skype and uses it to create connections for inmates with their families. The technology allows me to schedule an At-Home Visitation and then use my phone in my own home to chat with my cousin. It solves the problem of distance since even someone many states away can schedule a visit and video chat with an inmate.

Waiting in line is a turnoff to visiting

Frequently, there are long lines and wait times to see inmates during the very brief visiting hours allotted. Again Securus Video Visitation is a great solution. Even their Onsite Video Visitation can clear up the congestion. This is a lot like standard through the glass visitation except they allow you to schedule your visit so that waiting times are reduced and I can spend more time chatting.

Securus is a known leader in the industry and their record for providing service in emergency response, incident management, information management, inmate self-service, monitoring products and services and now Video Visitation is bringing inmates and families together.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Courts Laid Down the Law to Laidlaw

In 2015, The U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada issued a restraining order to UK investment bank Laidlaw and Co. and chief officers Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The court enjoined the company from disseminating “false and misleading proxy materials.”

The ruling resulted from a lawsuit filed by Relmada Therapeutics, Inc., a pharmaceutical company. Laidlaw falsified information about Relmada to take control of the company, which had announced positive study results for its pain med BuTab. A spokesman for Relmada was happy with the ruling. He said that Laidlaw’s untruths had already unfairly lowered Relmada’s value, and “we will continue to take all appropriate actions to protect the company.”

Laidlaw and Company is an investment banking service that provides financial planning, portfolio management and investment advice. It also advises clients on acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring. The chief executives are Matthew Eitner, CEO, James Ahern, Managing Partner, and Hugh Regan, Executive Director Investment Banking. The company’s headquarters are in New York City.

There have been numerous complaints against Laidlaw or its employees through the years. Between 2006 and 2010, Laidlaw illegally sold stock and realized a profit of over $1,200,000. In 2013, an employee was accused of making unsuitable trades, and the customer received a settlement of $350,000. In 2016, Laidlaw charged a “handing fee” on transactions that was ruled “not fair or reasonable.” The company was required by FINRA to pay a $10,000 fine and reimburse the customers for 421 trades.

What’s the problem at Laidlaw? A former intern reports that there’s no real leadership there, and bad example from the top. Employees are poorly paid, promoting temptations to fraud. Turnover is heavy because of poor pay and dishonest employees being caught and let go.

Remember the name Laidlaw because it sounds like “outlaw.”

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