About Dan Newlin, Powerhouse Attorney

In the year 2014, attorney Dan Newlin won a case that obtained a 100 million dollar verdict in the case of a shooting that left a teenage girl paralyzed and unable to communicate beyond blinking her eyes. A bullet still remains lodged in hew skull with fragments in her brain.
In July 2012, 15 year=old Danielle Sampson was shot in the head while riding in the back of her family mini van. It was another in a long string of urban incidents in which innocent bystanders were injured or killed by stray bullets.
The shooter would be identified as Tyrone Mosby, a reputed gang member. On the day of the shooting, Mosby and a group of accomplices were fleeing the scene of a home invasion. Mosby was shooting at the home owner at the time Danielle was shot.
A lawsuit was filed in July 2013, accusing Mosby of being responsible for Miss Sampson’s damages and injuries as a result of the wrongful shooting
In a criminal case Mosby was found guilty of attempted first degree murder and aggravated battery. He was sentenced to thirty years in jail.
Newlin said he hoped the verdict would send a strong message to criminals that they can be charged civilly for their illegal activities. He also said:
“This case isn’t about whether Danielle and her family will actually see the money from Mosby. But when he gets out of jail, whether Mosby is working at Subway or Sears, where ever he may be working, a portion of his income will, with this judgement, be deducted and given back to this family.”
Dan Newlin started his work career as a firefighter and a police officer. But he has made his mark as a personal injury lawyer, recovering more than 150 million dollars for his clients. His practice also includes worker’s compensation and medical malpractice. Check out Dan Newlin on Monster.com.

Andy Wirth gives back to the Navy Seals


Andy Wirth is one of the most popular names in the Skiing industry. He has helped to totally change the way that squaw valley is operated and in doing so he has raised the profile of this extremely popular skiing communities. While Andy Wirth is an extremely popular and talented business person, he also has many other interests. One of his biggest passions is giving back to the community via various philanthropies.
Andy Wirth has worked through various philanthropies throughout his years, but one of his new and exciting projects is working with the Navy Seal Foundation. Andy Wirth is extremely passionate about the armed forces of this country and he has decide recently that he needs to give back to these wonderful people.
The Navy Seal Foundation is one of the most exciting foundations in the world. This foundation was committed in 2000 in order to serve the Navy Seals in their family. The organizations recognizes just how much the Navy Seals do for us, and they are committed to providing the families of Navy Seals, as well as the Seals themselves with the care necessary for their life to feel fulfilled.
Andy Wirth wished to help the Navy Seal foundation, so he started looking for ways to do so. Currently the Navy Seal foundation is working with crowdrise to raise money for a skydiving program for injured soldiers. This cause seemed especially appealing to Andy Wirth because Andy loves the great outdoors and he wished to give other people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Andy has chosen to raise money for this program via crowdrise, and so far he has raised a great deal of money for the program, $13,010. This amount will make a great deal of difference for the foundation, and Andy Wirth is extremely happy to do it.
One of the greatest foundations in the United States today is the Navy Seal Foundation. This wonderful foundation give so much to our Navy Seals, and Andy Wirth is extremely happy to give back to this wonderful organization. His contributions to the Crowdrise program are wonderful evidence of his commitment to the Seals. If you would like to give to the Navy Seals as well, then you should visit Crowdrise today, one of the best ways to do that is to visit this link today.

Adam Sender: A Man of Many Hats

Adam Sender is a man who wears many hats – entrepreneur, art collector, and financier. Sender was born in 1970 in Netanya, Israel (a city 18 miles north of the nation’s capital of Tel-Aviv) and moved with his family to New York, where his father got a job selling plumbing supplies. While studying history at the University of Michigan, Sender developed an interest in investment trading, paying special attention to hedge funds.

The financial benefits of Sender’s efforts did not manifest until the 1990’s after he received his degree and had obtained a position with Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital. Sender had proven to be a skilled hedge fund advisor, handling accounts with precision and dedication. After gaining the leadership skills and experience required to go out on his own, Sender founded Exis Capital LLC (New York City) in 1998, a firm exclusive to employee-owned hedge funds and other global interests.

Sender’s talents are not limited to finance, but to contemporary art as well. He began to purchase art pieces in 1988, seeking out uniqueness and attention to the basic human form. Combining his eye for art collecting with his experience in finance, Sender has been frequently referred to as the ‘mega-collector’, accumulating hundreds of works with an estimated value of more than $100 million. Some of the pieces have been loaned to renowned museums like the famed Guggenheim Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and some have been resold on the open market for a profit.

Sender’s taste for the provocative and the obscure is omnipresent in his selection of art pieces. Meticulous care has been taken to create an eclectic mix of varying themes. In December 2011, the unusual location for 70 pieces of the Sender Collection was staged in one of his private homes in Miami, cleverly titled “Home Alone” by curator Sarah Aibel. Some of notable personalities whose works were displayed included: Richard Prince (photography, painting), Cindy Sherman (photography, modeling, film), Chris Ofili (painting), and Rashid Johnson (photography).

Over the past two decades, Sender has bought and sold over $1.2 billion in art pieces, and has held a seat on the board at the Parrish Art Museum. Within the past few years, Sender has commissioned Sotheby’s to handle approximately 400 pieces from his collection which consists of works by Matthew Barney (sculpture, photography, drawing, and film) and Sarah Lucas (photography, collage). Adam Sender is a well known CEO and leader in his field.

As the evolution of contemporary art continues, Sender’s interest in art collecting has increased as hedge fund investing has globally decreased, so his focus has turned to his lifelong passion for creativity.

Christian Broda – Economist and Financial Professional

Economics is an expansive and ever-growing field, with many interconnected, interdisciplinary branches. From micro to macro-economics, to international and domestic trade to business and state finances, there are many roles to be filled and disciplines to be studied.

The field of economics has multiple prominent figures – one of which is Christian Broda, whose research focuses on international trade, finance, and macroeconomics. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of San Andres in Argentina in 1997, Broda has since earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and been author to a wealth of publications, which have led to him being awarded the James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar award through 2006-2008.

Dr. Broda was a Professor at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business during 2005-2010, where he achieved tenure. He was also Head of International Research at Lehman/Barclays Capital from 2008-2010. Today, he is a Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management, based in New York.

Broda has written multiple publications, both co-authored and on his own, on a variety of topics from “Globalization and the Gains from Variety” to “Defining Price Stability in Japan: A View from America”. Broda takes a world view of economics, considering the impact of trade tariffs, while also examining the structure of state and national markets. In his writing, he is able to take factual, historical information and relate it to current events and the status quo of today. He considers, also, the impact of the movement of people and their own wealth between countries, and has examined the balance of wealth between countries rich in resources, and those who are in debt to those countries.

Dr. Christian Broda has proven himself competent in both the public and private sectors of Economics, and also as a public speaker for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. It is easy to see that Broda is an asset to the field of economics, as well as to those he provides his own services to.
Broda is a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and has served as associate editor for both the Journal of Development Economics and the IMF Economic Review. Furthermore, he is a member of the American Economic Association, the Econometric Society, the Economia Journal, the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association, and the Society for Economic Dynamics.

Looking Back at the Life of Stephen Murray

Every life has value, and leaves a mark on the world. However, the size of that impact varies between people. Looking back at the life of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital makes it easy to see that he’s one of those rare people to leave an immense legacy. Murray is the former president and CEO of private equity firm CCMP Capital. So of course part of his legacy will be felt with the people working there. Everyone within the firm benefits from the hard work that Murray put into building it up.

The firm meant the world to Murray. And it’s easy to see that in how he stuck with it almost until the end. Murray maintained his position to the age of 52. And in fact he only stepped down about a month before he passed away. He simply stated that he was stepping down for health related issues. Greg Brenneman, the CCMP chairman, shared some heartfelt sentiments on learning of Murray’s passing. He made sure that everyone knew that they hadn’t only lost a business associate. Many of the people in the firm had also lost someone that they truly thought of as a friend. Greg Brenneman would later take on Murray’s position within the company.

However, his loss won’t only be felt in the business world. Murray was an enthusiastic supporter of a number of charities. One of his greatest priorities was supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The foundation helps sick children experience their greatest dreams. But Murray also took great care in helping people of all ages. He gave to Boston College, and helped many young men and women reach new academic heights. He also showed his lifelong love of art and history by donating to the Stamford Museum.

Stephen Murray only had 52 years, certainly less than one would hope for. But at the same time he made the most of them. He’s left behind an amazing legacy. He’s helped people in the business world and ensured that his methods will continue to inspire people. He’s helped young people to reach dreams which they might have thought impossible. And he’s helped to ensure that people have the chance to experience some of the most amazing aspects of artistic and academic life. His life on earth might have come to an end. But one thing is certain. Stephen Murray lived a life which will continue to have positive effects on the world for a very long time.

Handy Is Revolutionizing the Cleaning Services Industry

Many individuals in today’s busy world don’t have the time or energy needed to keep their home tidy on their own. While the solution to this appears simple, finding a reliable home cleaning service company that is also affordable isn’t always easy in many cities. While there are quite a few professional cleaning companies out there, they often charge rates that are far in excess of what many people can afford, in addition to pushing services that they don’t really need. There is always the option of putting out an ad seeking to hire an individual cleaner, but the problem is that many of them don’t have insurance. There is also the fact that many home owners would be a bit wary of letting a complete stranger into their home when they aren’t there.

Recently, one company sought to take advantage of this strong demand for quality home cleaning services in America by offering innovative ways for individuals to hire a cleaner. Handy is a company that works in a way similar to the Uber mobile app. But rather than letting people call a taxi with a click tap on your phone, they let them call over a home cleaner. Users who sign up for the app enter their payment details, which are used to pay for the cleaning service. To use the service, they simply need to put in their zip code, the time they need a cleaner and the number of rooms to be cleaned. Next, they receive price quotes and can choose which cleaner to hire.

For those that are worried about safety and quality, Handy has several features to put their mind at ease. Just like with the Uber service, all freelancers using the app go through a thorough check before being allowed to advertise their services. This includes an in-person interview, background checks and reference verification. Out of hundreds of thousands of home cleaners that have applied so far, only around 3% have been accepted, which shows that Handy is only willing to let the very best provide services on their platform. Furthermore, Handy offers a money-back guarantee in case the customer isn’t satisfied with the cleaning service and also provides coverage for items that may get accidentally damaged during the cleaning process. They understand that if they want to build a solid reputation in the industry, protections for the consumer are an important part of doing business. The company is currently operating in 25 US cities, two in Canada, plus London in the United Kingdom. As their app has been extremely popular, they hope to enter other markets in the near future as well.

One thing that appears certain is that the home cleaning services industry is rapidly evolving. As an increasing number of individuals are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to shop for products and services, it is only natural that entrepreneurs would step in to create a service which allows people to easily and conveniently book a home cleaning.

Buying and selling of NBA Teams- Is it lucrative or just another gamble for the NBA Team Owners?Buying and selling of NBA Teams- Is it lucrative or just another gamble for the NBA Team Owners?

The business of owning an NBA team has for years been considered the sweetest deals given the pomp, color, and glamor associated with the franchise. NBA Teams have been in existence for quite a while, impressive players coming and going, teams changing their owners and many other issues. The truth of the matter, however, is that despite the money, mega profits, big signings and the likes, financial crunch does hit these team owners too. Albeit this isn’t always the case, a closer look at what some of these owners reveal that financial implications associated with managing many of these teams are real.

Recently, the Atlanta-based NBA Team, the Atlanta Hawks changed hands for over $700 million, bringing in a group of new stewards led by Tony Ressler. Previously, its co-owner Mr. Bruce Levenson had been steering the team having acquired it in 2004 together with the famous Philips Arena. But that’s not all given the huge profit margin accrued over the years the team was under his watch. An over a decade of ownership brought the team’s status up, what Mr. Levenson is typically proud of.

The takeover is just another example of the rapidly changing environment in the NBA Team ownership. Even with the vast number of bidding parties, all willing to own one, as seen in the case of Atlanta Hawks as well as the Los Angeles Clippers, pricing won’t be the same. Bruce Levenson acquired it when owning a team would mean expecting great perks and expecting lots of honor and respect. That’s not the case lately, however, as lots of excessive pressure, both financially and the fanbase expectations push them to the limit, thus paving the way for new owners.

The role of the owner has broadly expanded, and one is expected to oversee the team’s profit making as well as broaden its passion and attachment to the city and its people. The value of the franchise ought to increase, but great management, coupled with excellent facilities and a huge fan support attracts great players and eventual success.

Owners of such teams as Huston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz and even Chicago Bulls have successfully steered their teams for decades. Over the years as the owners, they have, perhaps stood to see great players rise and fall, and records made and broken. Changing ownership isn’t a sign of bad management, when new owners set in impressive results are always bound to happen.

The prevailing economic climate, however, is also to blame for a team’s success or failure today as it’s the fan-base that eventually determines the profit margin. It’s not a surprise that with the massive bidding, as observed lately, the worth of Atlanta Hawks couldn’t clock the much publicized $1 billion or even $900 million mark. It, thus speaks volumes to the fact that owning an NBA team doesn’t seem as lucrative as it sounds.

Basics For Business And Technology

Technological progresses have seriously augmented the simplicity of running and growing small businesses. The only issue with the integration of business and technology is that technology is a very complex.

Present times, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to start anything and accomplish, without some amount of technology. You should have a well-planned plus simple-to-use website (which is a no-brainer), and may benefit significantly from software, Web applications alongside apparatus that enable you handle records, track customer’s consumptions, process invoices, handle payroll as well as communicate with employees. Most industrialists want the liberty to depart the office while still remain connected, implying they (alongside major staff) require being equipped with mobile phones, laptops plus wireless devices.

Just recently, the new technology was simply obtainable to the largest corporations with good financial power. Currently, prices have reduced as huge players like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM plus SAP attempt to venture in small enterprise market. Progressively, availability of software is increasing through the internet as “software as a services’ or SaaS, substituting more costly boxed software that is bought outright as well as installed. Open-source program, whose foundation code is freely obtainable on the web for all people to use or change, has enabled small business holders (normally with the assistance of developers or even specialists) to customize the software to meet their special needs.

Technology Basics
In case you are only commencing, it’s fairly probable that you are feeling astounded by the number of technology you will need to manage your business efficiently plus professionally. Ramon Ray, editor of SmallBizTechnology.com, gives several indicators illustrating basics needed by small businesses.
• Hardware, like desktop P.Cs, laptops, phones as well as wireless devices
• Software, developed from a simplified word processing platform to industry-unique applications
• A server that is a centralized computer, which shares data, documents plus applications and lets you as well as your staffs to access the web and even use the same printing machine
• Networking devices, like routers, hubs alongside switches, which link workstations together plus offer security features, like firewalls

Unless you have a firm training in technology, a computer specialist could be your close friend, Mr. Ramon says. To get one, you can ask other business personalities for references, or ask your trade group or business association for recommendation. Several consultants, most of which are small enterprise owners themselves, offer consultancy services at a fee charged on hourly or daily basis; others are paid on a flat-rate basis. Once you contract a consultant to set up software or create a network, bear in mind that you’ll likely need help along the way, when the software unavoidably crashes or just needs maintenance. It’s advisable to negotiate a long-standing support agreement as a package of your consultancy deal.

Shaygan Kheradpir
Shaygan Kheradpir obtained his bachelors, masters as well as Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Cornell University and majored in control systems. Throughout his profession Shaygan has formed mission-driven groups to initiate revolution that matters-to customers, staffs, investors, plus the society. He has spanned, linked, and invented along the boundaries of old-fashioned disciplines across numerous industry sections worldwide.

Career Biography of Actress Crystal Hunt

The American actress Crystal Clarese Hunt is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. She played Lizzie from 2003 to 2006. She also had a role on another television soap opera, One Life to Live from 2009-2010. She played Stacy Morasco.

Hunt’s stage and film career started at an early age. At two years old, she was involved in pageants. The talent she showcased for the pageants was acting. The young Crystal Hunt starred in many television commercials. One was for The Walt Disney Company’s celebration advertisement of their 25th’s anniversary; another she starred in with the boy band group *NSYNC, advocating for an anti-drug campaign.

Her character on Guiding Light, Lizzie Spaulding, was a conflicted young girl, daughter to Philip and Beth Raines. The role earned Crystal a Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.”

In terms of filmography, Crystal appeared in several films. In 2005, she was in the film The Deby Stallion. In 2007, she was in the film Sydney White. 2014 she was in the film 23 Blast. 2015 she was in the film Magic Mike XXL. Also in 2015, she expanded her repertoire by taking on the role of Executive Producer for the movie Talbot County, an endeavor she undertook with her friend Dania Ramirez.

Outside of acting, her career includes running and working in her upscale Clearwater, Florida pet boutique, My Pets Dream Boutique.

LaGuardia Airport Facelift will add to NYC economy

LaGuardia airport in New York City will be getting a major facelift and the project is likely funded by Christian Broda to lead to a significant addition of jobs in the area. Estimates regarding the cost, timeline, and number of jobs created were not immediately known, but Governor Andrew Cuomo indicated that the decision to proceed with the project is a done deal with both political parties agreeing to the project. Cuomo had previously called LaGuardia a third world airport and many other politicians have been very critical of the outdated airport.

In addition to the LaGuardia project three other local airports will also be getting facelifts with JFK having a new hotel added, and major renovations to Republic Airport in Farmingdale New York and a smaller airport in New Jersey.

LaGuardia airport will also be linked up to major transportation systems with a rail to JFK and to Manhattan. Currently, LaGuardia airport is only linked to Manhattan by public transportation through a single bus line that reaches 125street in East Harlem.

During construction, which will involve reworking the entrance and exit ramps on nearby highways, the airport is supposed to operate at similar capacity, with only brief interruptions in the volume of passengers expected. A larger terminal will replace the existing structure and will be located 600 feet closer to the highway than the existing structure.

The remaking of the airport will likely provide a business boon to New York City not only in the additional construction jobs but also in the added convenience and increased air traffic that the airport will be able to handle.