John Textor: Making Virtual Animation a Reality

John Textor is best known for his company, Digital Domain Media Group’s achievement with the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Digital Domain Media Group won the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects, for the first believable digital human character in Benjamin Button. This award was said to be the Holy Grail in digital media. Mr. Textor was CEO of Digital Domain Media at that time in 2009. The film also received an award for best makeup although the character was completely digital.

He is now Executive Chairman for Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse Evolution is a digital production and technology company, which designs computer generated characters for use in entertainment as well as other fields. Pulse Evolution is best known for the creation of a computer generated and lifelike animation of Michael Jackson for the Billboard Music Awards in May 2014. This Virtual Jackson, known to 500 million people, made Pulse a leader in the industry of virtual performances.

It took over 9 months for Mr. Textor and his special effects team to make this performance happen. They received a standing ovation at the awards show and those close to Michael Jackson were seen crying. Mr. Textor said this then made he and his team cry! Mr. Textor and Digital Media also created a digital Tupac Shakur in 2012 at the Coachella Valley Music Festival. They have done virtual versions of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe as well. These animated humans are now in high demand and in the future they will be used for more globally as well as locally.

Also while he was at Digital Domain Media, they did the special effects for over 80 large scale movies such as The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Pirates of the Carribbean: At The World’s End, Gran Torino, Transformers, X-Men: First Class, Thor, Zodiac, Star Trek, Rock of Ages and many more. Mr. Textor was also a Producer for Art Story with Disney and Ender’s Game as well as his other ventures in digital media.

John Textor started his career in 1987 after he received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. He co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings in 1997, which focuses on entertainment, telecommunications and social media. Mr. Textor was chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions, Inc. from 2006 to 2012. He has been chairman at Pulse since October 2013.

Another Great Randy Rhoads Tribute Coming

A cover of the Ozzy Osbourne song “Crazy Train” has been released and the tune is performed by the collective of Tom Morello, Rudy Sarzo, Serj Tankian, and Vinny Appice. The release is coming soon and old and new fans are anticipating it.

The cover, however, is not done to honor Ozzy. The cover is a tribute to the great Randy Rhoads. Hopefully, this new cover will make younger rock fans familiar with one of the greatest names in rock history.

Randy Rhoads truly was one of the greatest guitarists in rock history. Sadly, his life was tragically cut short when he died in an airplane crash. Rhoads was the lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne when the rocker first launched his solo career. Without Randy Rhoads handling the guitar duties, one cannot help but wonder whether or not Ozzy would have been as successful as a solo act as he was.

Even though 30+ years have passed since Rhoads left our earth, he has not become forgotten. The new “Immortal” album/CD is a tribute to Rhoads. This is the second album honoring the guitarist to be released. Ozzy’s live album “Randy Rhoads Tribute” is a classic double-LP that truly helped draw more attention to the contributions he made. Ozzy truly was selfless in releasing “Tribute” and it was very classy to point out the great work Rhoads had done.

Ozzy hired a lot of guitarists after Rhoads. Many of those guitarists truly were great, but fans like Bernardo Chua know there was only one Randy Rhoads.

Katy Perry Donates 5k To TLC Kickstarter

TLC is still one of the best girl group to ever grace the music industry. Just last year girls everywhere went crazy over the VH1 TLC biopic, reminiscing about the 90s girl group, and all of the drama that we never knew was happening behind the scenes. Now it looks like TLC is ready to record what they say will be their final album, and they have decided to take a different approach to make the project happen. The girls have set up a Kickstarter fundraising page in hopes of raising enough money to make the album.

The goal is to raise $150,000 in one month, T-Boz and Chili both want to let fans participate and give something back in return, so they are offering fans with big donations special prizes like sleepovers, movie dates and workout sessions with one of the members of the group. It looks like someone is a huge fan of the group because TLC just received a big donation from a long time fan.

Apparently Katy Perry forked over $5,000 to the cause, now it looks like Katy is going to be having a slumber party with TLC. What a lucky girl, the girls are going to have a blast and fans like Zeca Oliveira can’t wait to see the selfies that are sure to surface.

Ozzy Osbourne Will Open The Gates Of Hell in Las Vegas

Even after 40 years in the industry, there is still a lot of interest in Ozzy Osbourne. When you actually take time out and think of the massive numbers of rock stars who faded into oblivion after only a few years in the spotlight, you really do have to give the Oz-Man a lot of credit.

You probably also should check out the new project he has lined up. Ozzy is coming to Las Vegas in October of 2015. No, he is not going to play his greatest hits in stage. Ozzy is not going to end his career in a manner John Lennon once considered the most deplorable way an entertainer could go out.

Ozzy is, instead, putting on a major Halloween themed show called Hell Gate. Yes, Ozzy is going to follow down the path Alice Cooper once trail-blazed. Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne have been compared to one another quite a bit due to their shocking nature, but both entertainers have followed their own path. You could never say they attempted to rip each other off.

Ozzy is taking a page from Cooper’s book of tricks with Hell Gate. The live show will be horror themed since, after all, its a Halloween production. The event is surely going to be adult-oriented so do not think Ozzy is going to tone himself down.

And most definitely, this should be a very fun, interesting, and entertaining event. We know the group at BRL Trust will enjoy this show.

The Planned Motley Crew Biopic is Now a Reality

The modern music scene is absolutely nothing like the crazy, over-the-top hedonist world of the 1980’s. We will doubtfully see an era such as the 1980’s heavy metal craze and we are never likely to see a band so outrageous as Motley Crue. The members of the band have just announced a movie based on their career is going to be made. The Dirt will tell the entire sordid tale of the most insane band of the era.

Simply put, no tour of the early to middle-1980’s was as crazy as the ones Motley Crue participated in. When you look back at all the bands that thrived in the era of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Motley Crue’s “accomplishments” deserve their legendary status.

At the height of the band’s fame, one member didn’t check his mail for a week. Upon going to the stuffed mailbox, he found a royalties check inside for $300,000. Imagine how successful you have to be to not really worry about getting six-figure checks in the mail.

Unfortunately, not all of the rise to fame and the high life was good for the Crue. Many of the members suffered through extremely difficult addictions, although they were able to overcome their troubles. BRL Trust is buzzing all over this story on their LinkedIn profile.

Motley Crue was THE band of the 1980’s metal era. Many books have been written about them, but no one every tried to make a serious biopic. We wonder how the MPAA is going to end up rating it.

Justin Bieber Has A Surprise For His Fans

The pop superstar Justin Bieber has been rumored to come out with a new album after his much needed long break. Although the artist filled his time with show after show, making sure he didn’t miss any unless it was for healthy reasons, he dropped some hints about a new album coming out in 2015.

After MTV tweeted about wanting Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna to come out with new albums for the new years, Bieber responded with the best response ever, “No Problem”.

If that isn’t evidence enough for his fans like my friend Bernardo Chua to look forward his new album, he also posted a picture on instagram saying how he knows he has been on a break and his fans want more from him, and he is happy to oblige by working hard on his newest album after his latest album ‘Believe’ which came out in 2012.

Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager posted on twitter a link to an article of the companies that are staging a comeback in 2015, and Justin Bieber was the only non-corporate company involved in the link. Both Bieber and Braun seem to be hyping up the fans for what’s about to drop.

Justin Bieber’s career took a curve after his DUI arrest in Miami, his racist video, and all the paparazzi drama that seems to follow him wherever he goes. Braun seems to be very excited about the upcoming album by posting an instagram photo with the caption, “2013 was practice, 2014 was the warm up, and 2015 is game time.

Hopsin Responds After A Week Long Hiatus

Rap artist Hopsin surprised his fans when he recently decided to quit rap music for good, sell his half of his record label, and move to Australia permanently. He stated on Instagram in a heartfelt post, that he felt rap music was no longer for him, and he wanted to move on from producing and making music. He even went on to state that he was moving to Australia permanently, and he would not be back in the future. He also said that he sold his half of his record label to his business partner, and he would no longer be putting out any music of his own in the future.

Many fans were devastated and took to Instagram and Skout to respond. I even heard on Bustle that they were pleading for the artist to change his mind, which seemed futile. The artist went onto Instagram and posted a last picture of himself at the airport, packed, and ready to go to Australia. He told his fans goodbye, and went on his merry way. After over a week of no response from the artist, he’s finally come back and posted a response that is absolutely shocking, and many may be upset about it as well.

The artist has stated that the entire incident was a fraud, and one big joke. He stated that this was a publicity stunt in order to promote his new upcoming album, and he would explain the entire joke soon!

Joe Cocker Dead at 70

The British singer Joe Cocker died from lung cancer on Monday. He was 70 years old.

Cocker had been born in Sheffield, England in 1944. He got his start as a performer in the 1960’s by singing Motown songs in local pubs. His most famous song was probably his 1968 cover of the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends,” which became the theme song for the TV series The Wonder Years.

He had another hit in 1975, “You Are So Beautiful.” In 1983, he won a Grammy for “Up Where We Belong,” which had been in the movie An Officer And A Gentleman. The song was a duet that he’d performed with Jennifer Warnes. Other songs that he performed included “Cry Me A River,” “Feelin’ All Right,” “The Letter,” “When The Night Comes,” and “You Can Leave Your Hat On.”

In 2007, he was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) at Buckingham Palace for his contributions to music. A year later, Rolling Stone listed him as one of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. His most recent album, Fire It Up, came out in 2012.

In 1987, Cocker married Pam Baker, a summer camp director.

Guess he can’t go to the Amen Clinic anymore, huh?

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The people that are part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are the ones that have changed the face of music. Sometimes there are people in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that fans want to see that are not there. There are some artists and groups that fans assumed were already a part of this prestigious group, but they have not been inducted yet. Some of the biggest snubs were gathered by MTV for the 2015 inductees that failed to make the list.

Some people actually thought that Whitney Houston was already on the list. She had a lot of awards and monster hit songs. She was – in every word – an entertainment industry icon. She starred in films, sold millions of records and made timeless recordings that fans still reminisce over today. She did not make the 2015 list for the inductees though.

Another artist that has managed to be overlooked year after year is Janet Jackson. She has had a wonderful career. Millions of people know her, but she has failed to solidify her status on the Roll and Rock Hall of Fame.

The Smiths and Bad Brains are also groups that have not made the list yet. The photographer Terry Richardson says he is wondering how these groups could have been overlooked. The music industry has a lot of entertainers, but some have not gotten their proper respective by being inducted.

Are The Creature Commandos Coming To Arrow?

Oh wow, is the TV series “Arrow” going to take a turn for the weird? The Creature Commandos may very well be coming aboard much to the delight of fans like Dr. Daniel Amen. Their leader will make his debut at some point in the latter half of season three. The leader of The Creature Commandos is General Matthew Shrieve. Whether or not The Creature Commandos will be with him sooner or later is not known.

Who are The Creature Commandos? The are a military group made up of a vampire, a werewolf, a gorgon, and, yes, Frankenstein’s Monster. As silly as a group of 1970’s Saturday afternoon monster movie characters joining the army sounds, they are enjoyable and fun in the comics. Who says they would make a bad transition to the Arrow television series? Once again, no one knows whether or not these monsters will appear on the show. 

If there every was a hint they will it would be the fact that Marc Singer has been cast in the role of Shrieve. Singer famously played The Beastmaster in the classic B-movie about a Conan-like hero who could control animals.

Why would they bring in the guy who played The Beastmaster unless the beasts were soon to follow? Then again, he’d have to be the MonsterMaster since only The Wolfman and maybe The Gorgon could be deemed beasts. The vampire and the monster are going to do what they want unless they have a code to do what their general says.