Here Are Reasons Explaining Beneful’s Clear Success

Beneful is one of the sworn-by brands of dog foods and dog treats that is on the forefront of the market. Beneful was founded in 2001 and has been produced by Purina the entire time — never sold as a brand or outsourced to any unofficial production facilities.

Beneful Chopped Blends is a comprehensive mix of foods such as tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and wild rice. There are about ten different kinds of Chopped Blends foods, with different types of meats such as lamb, salmon, chicken, and beef, and a medley of kinds of vegetables that are chopped up reasonably fine so that all types of dogs can chew and swallow Chopped Blends. There are both ten-ounce tubs and three-ounce cans that are available for sale.

Another type of wet dog food that is produced by Beneful is Prepared Meals. These Prepared Meals are comparable to Chopped Blends as far as the ingredients used are concerned, except the gradient and texture of Prepared Meals are significantly more thick and bulky as compared to the small niblets of food that make up Chopped Blends.

Baked Delights are one of the best types of dog treat available because of the different flavors that they are available in and the great ingredients that are used in the creation of Baked Delights on Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are another type of dog food product that are considered to be dog treats, but the real motive behind Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are to clean off dogs’ teeth. These Dental Ridges come in several different sizes because different breeds of dogs have different sized teeth and need different sizes of treats to properly clean their teeth out. Also, a large dog such as a Great Dane could probably chew through the smallest size of Healthy Smile Dental Ridge in one bite or two whereas a tiny dog could maybe even take days to chew all the way through the largest Healthy Smile Dental Ridge.

The line of six different medleys made by Beneful are some of the best types of food that Beneful on purina has to offer. There is currently the Roasted Turkey Medley, Beef & Chicken Medley, Simmered Chicken Medley, Mediterranean Style Medley, Romana Style Medley, and the Tuscan Style Medley. These are so tasty to dogs because of the marinade that the meats and vegetables sits in for a while before dogs finally end up eating the product.

Yeonmi Park and the Dream of Freedom

Yeonmi Park should not be an unfamiliar name on anyone’s lips. The North Korean defector has endured the full breadth of human tragedy in her flight across the border to China, something explored in harrowing depth in her new book with Maryanne Vollers, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. The book is a telling memoir, one that depicts a young girl’s mother and father risking everything to smuggle their daughter over the border after a botched medical procedure nearly ended her life. Throughout her defection, Yeonmi endures a battery of obstacles and hardships including the loss of her father, a missing sister, and being sold into sexual slavery within China before finally securing her passage to South Korea. Now a noted human rights activist in her 20s, Yeonmi regularly endures criticism and defamation from the North Korean state, though her charisma and perseverance shine through even the most damning attempt at character assassination. She joins other anti-regime activists, such as Park Sang-hak, in combating Kim Jong-Un’s dictatorship with words, conviction, and significant coverage via social media. News outlets, such as the New York Times and The Guardian, have additionally reported on her unwavering commitment to the dissolution of the North Korean state while also staying true to the values she still fights for everyday. “For the first time in my life, I own me”, she says in an article by New York Times reporter, Kara Cutruzulla. “I own myself, and this is so powerful to me. I always belonged to the states or to a man who bought me, and I have a voice now. Freedom allowed me to have a voice.”

A London Apartment May Be The Perfect Accommodation For Your Next Vacation

If you enjoy going on vacation, it is very likely that you look around for hotel deals. You may use some of the most popular search sites to help you find hotel rooms in popular destinations. After you compare some of the sites, you likely book a hotel that gives you the best price and the best accommodations. If you are planning to visit London in the near future, instead of staying in a hotel, consider the idea of renting an apartment. There are many benefits that come from doing this.

When a person books an apartment in London, they usually have the opportunity to stay longer. Hotels are usually very expensive. If a person is working with a limited vacation budget, they can usually only stay for a week or two. However, if they can get an apartment for an entire month for the price of about two week’s stay in a hotel, they may be able to extend their vacation. This means that they will not only be able to see all of the major attractions in London, but they will be able to get to know small neighborhoods, little cafés, and even make friends with local people.

If a person rents an apartment, they are usually doing their body a favor. First of all, they have the ability to cook in their apartment. This means that they are not only going to save money on food, but they are likely going to purchase foods that are much healthier. They will be able to avoid eating fatty, high calorie restaurant foods for most of their trip. The second reason is because they have the ability to rest more. If a person is only in London for a couple of days and they are staying in an expensive hotel, they are usually quite rushed when visiting all of the major attractions in London. However, if a person is staying in an apartment, they have the ability to sleep in late and take their time as they go from museum to museum.

Booking an apartment in London is just as simple as booking a hotel. There are two options that you can consider when looking for apartments in London. They are WorldEscape and London Escape. Take time to compare them both, and then you will be able to find an apartment that is perfect for your next London vacation.

Chicago’s Finest

Most hedge fund managers go about their daily work, blending into the background trying to eke out a living for themselves and make money for the clients they serve. This is not a profession that gets a lot of glory. In fact, a lot of people don’t even know what a hedge fund manager actually does. To make it in the finance industry, most aspirants head to places like New York City. Looking to big splash in this sector most head straight for Wall Street and take their chances among the stiffest competition in the nation. Ken Griffin is different. A Harvard graduate, Griffin began his career while still a student, running a hedge fund from his dorm room. He was already a millionaire by the time he earned his economics degree. Griffin went on to found Citadel, Inc. in 1990 and he remains CEO of hedge fund firm. Citadel, Inc. was started with over 4 million dollars and has grown into a multi-billion dollar company. This distinction has landed Griffin on the Forbes’ 400 list several times, which gives details on the 400 hundred riches people in the U.S. Kenneth Griffin has managed to make a name for Citadel in the City of Chicago. Citadel, Inc. is not only profitable, it’s also been ranked one of the best places to work in America by the Great Places to Work Institute. The Institute placed Citadel, Inc. on the list based on Griffin’s workplace philosophy on insidermonkey that promotes heavily investing in its employees. Griffin understands that a company is only as successful as its employees and he provides an empowering workplace for employees. This is yet another example of Griffin’s ability to consider the needs of others and actively address these needs. Kenneth Griffin has remained humble and has not let his huge amount of success and wealth go to his head. This isn’t typical behavior for a billionaire financier. Griffin has a heart of gold and paying it forward is quite possibly one of his most endearing personality traits. Stereotypes say that those in the financial industry only care about themselves and that their career choice is rooted self-interest alone. But Kenneth Griffin is different. He has held philanthropy in high regard throughout his amazing career. Recently, he generously donated 150 million dollars to his alma mater of Harvard to be used for financial aid. He has always realized the importance of education and will do whatever he can to ease the road for current and future students. Kenneth Griffin is a great example of doing business with a heart and has offered his guidance and business expertise at countless events and conferences. He serves on the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation board and is a member of the global economy group G100. He is also active in the Chicago community, serving as a board member for the University of Chicago and the Chicago Public Education Fund. He has also constituted his time and capital to various philanthropic causes in Chicago and throughout the nation.

The Housing Growth In Manhattan And Brooklyn Is A Great Sign For Buyers, Sellers And Renters

The New York City housing market in Manhattan and Brooklyn continue to experience a healthy increase in value as the region becomes more entrenched with high demand requests from international clients and local residents. As reported in the Luxury Daily, the median rental price for a one bedroom Manhattan unit increased by 10 percent in 2015 to an all-time high of $3,339 per month. In Brooklyn, the rate for rentals increased by 1.5 percent for all unit sizes.

Real estate sales in Manhattan have also noticed an increase in prices with an average cost of $982,958, which is a 6 percent increase compared to 2014 sales. Further south of Manhattan in Brooklyn, home sales have broken a historic record for averaging $545,139 per sale, which is a 9 percent increase from 2014 rates.

Despite a slight decrease in NYC apartments for sale prices in the third quarter of 2015 by 4.5 percent, experts anticipate for prices to surge in the foreseeable future. The projected increase is a reflection of the competitive market that exists for those who want to reside in and around the financial capital of the world.

Even though most people want to live in Manhattan, the high real estate prices are encouraging renters and buyers to explore more affordable options in the southern and eastern regions of Brooklyn. Renters and buyers are also discovering hidden gems in the flourishing communities that exists above 110th street. These areas are less crowded and provide more value as properties in these regions sometimes offer more square footage, rooftop access, front yards and back yards and cheaper living expenses, such as groceries, clothing and furniture.

As a result of the hectic nature of the New York real estate market, most prospective buyers and renters are turning to professional real estate services like Town Residential. Town Residential is a famed New York real estate agency that has a firm pulse on the New York housing market. They specialize in luxury rentals in all boroughs, and they use their expertise to help their clients find the right home that best fits their lifestyle and budget.

Town Residential real estate professionals reflect the rich culture of New York City, and they have a passion for placing prospective clients in properties that embrace comfort, luxury, safety, desired amenities and plenty of charm. As the New York City housing market becomes more competitive each year, it is critical for renters and buyers to align themselves with real estate agencies, like Town Residential, that have a strong reputation for helping its clients meet their housing goals and objectives.

This Fall Men Rock Fabulous Shoe Fashions

Make room in the closet ladies—the Fall 2015 line of luxury men’s shoes are enough to make your man actually want to shop for footwear. Just because a guy can wield a screwdriver and likes to watch the game doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate the fine craftsmanship and sexy styles in this fall’s shoe and boot lineup for men.

One footwear design firm in particular making fashion waves is Paul Evans, whose fine hand crafted Italian styles are all the rage worldwide. These sleek, genuine leathers with quality stitching come direct from their factory in Naples, Italy. Buying your italian shoes from Paul Evans ensures you get fine Italian leather at money saving prices by cutting out the middleman and shipping directly to the customer who wants to look like a million without spending a fortune.
Humbly advertising themselves as “A couple of guys in New York City who want you to look good. Real good,” Paul Evans delivers high fashion for the savvy customer. Whether you are walking to the boardroom or walking down the aisle, Paul Evans has an elite collection of men’s shoes and boots to complement any business or formal look. Who wouldn’t want a pair of Brando Semi-Brogue Oxfords, Poitier Double Monk Straps, or Stewart Penny Loafers? These fall fashions bring a contemporary look to classic favorites men love like loafers, chukka boots, and oxfords. No longer a choice between dull black or brown, colors now range from deep Nero Black to rich Cognac Brown. As men like to look good at play as well as at work, Paul Evans has a line of high fashion high tops made with impeccable Italian quality.

In addition to amazing shoes and boots, Paul Evans sells accessories such as Italian leather belts and buttery soft briefcases to complete the look. Visit their website at to read reviews from their many satisfied customers.

Women have been longtime fans of saving time and money buying the latest designer shoes online. Men are now joining this trend, finding the fashion they want at direct shopping prices. With companies like Paul Evans offering free shipping and returns you can’t go wrong. Shopping for the new luxury Italian shoes for Fall 2015 at sale prices is as easy as logging on at to feast your eyes on these latest styles in the privacy of your own home or office. With this autumn’s amazing footwear choices at their fingertips, men are finding that shoe shopping really can be fun!

Bruce Levenson Is One Of The World’s Most Successful Leaders

Bruce Levenson, who is the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, announced his resignation from the prominent position in September 2014. The strategic group of shareholders included Ed Peskowitz, Todd Foreman, Beau Turner, Rutherford Seydel, and Michael Gearson, all of whom agreed to hire Georgia entrepreneur Antony Ressler as the succeeding team controller. With profound experiences related to business management, this seasoned leader is a natural choice for propelling the Atlanta Hawks.

Throughout his ownership, Levenson utilized the practical skills he acquired from his early entrepreneurial pursuit to drive the team to unprecedented success. After his college training at Washington University and American University, he partnered with Ed Peskowitz to launch United Communications Group in 1977. This Maryland-based company specializes in providing industry specific guidance, analysis, solutions, and data to assists companies with increasing profits, mitigating risks, and improving overall operational efficiency, which ultimately contributes to healthier bottom lines. These innovative products and services are delivered through many channels such as special reports, trade shows, online training, and workflow tools. Currently, United Communications Group is a privately held business that serves clients in many industries like technology, energy, mortgage/investment banking, telecommunications, and healthcare. The company recently acquired GasBuddy, which is a creative mobile application that features local low gas prices across the United States and Canada. GasBuddy was developed by Dustin Coupal and Jason Toews both of whom strived to assist drivers with discovering the cheapest gas in their area.

As a veteran businessman, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson was well-equipped to oversee the operations of the Atlanta Hawks. With his skill and expertise, he implemented a diverse collection of stadium services related to food, music, seating, and apparel that catered to the unique preferences of every sport enthusiast. Moreover, under his leadership, Mike Budenholzer received the All-Star Game Head Coach of the Year Award and many players received accolades for their outstanding performances including Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Al Horford, Jamal Crawford, Josh Childres, and Marvin Williams. Levenson also contributed to the Hawk’s earning the first seed in the Eastern conference for the 2014-2015 season.

With a great foundation paved by Levenson, Ressler is expected to lead the Atlanta Hawks to unprecedented victory during the 2015-2016 professional basketball season. His portfolio of business experiences as a serial entrepreneur of Apollo Global Management and Ares Management, will definitely play an integral role in his forthcoming majority owner success. Before accepting a positing as the Atlanta Hawks controlling shareholder, Ressler was a member of the investment group that purchased Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers. Amazingly, he currently has a net worth of $1.4 billion.

The first Atlanta Hawks game is schedule for October 27th, 2015 and will occur at Phillips Arena. The professional team will compete in a total of twelve games with components such as the Pistons, Knicks, Hornets, Heat, Nets, Pelicans, Wizards, Timberwolves, Celtics, and Jazz. Ressler and his group of strategic investors including former NBA player Grant Hill are anxiously awaiting the start of the new Atlanta Hawks season.

Why Handy Is The Best Home Cleaning Service Mobile Application

Handy is a mobile app that hosts individuals providing home cleaning services. Handy is undoubtedly the most popular forum of its type, and is known for its reliability and reputation, not to mention the resonable rates that its servicers provide customers with.

Handy is simple to use. First, it should be noted that Handy is only available in 28 cities throughout North America and Europe. If one is in an area where Handy is available, all one needs to do is download the app. Handy is easily navigable one downloaded, and then requires customers to state where the services need to be performed, what kind of services they expect to be completed, and how much one wants to pay. Negotiating prices with servicers is part of the process, which almost always results in cheaper prices for customers.

In the past, people who have wanted their homes cleaned have had to pay large sums of money. This is due to difficulty of finding home cleaners. Handy provides a place where potential clients can choose from what cleaner they want, with lots of options to choose from. The amount of people in a concentrated area has increased the competitiveness that home cleaners have experienced, which has resulted in drastically lower prices for consumers. This goes the same for cleaners, as well — there are many clients on the website, which allow for many hours that the average cleaner than work.

So, how much is Handy’s services, exactly? Well, they are 100% free for customers. Cleaners pay around a twenty percent commission for every hour completed to Handy. Every hour of work is, on average, between eighteen and twenty-two dollars, so clients do not have to pay an exorbitant amount, and cleaners get paid a pretty decent amount.

Many of the cleaners listed on this app actually do this for a living. There are some people who work for home cleaning businesses that clean on their own in their off time, and also some businesses that are featured on Handy.

Not all of the listings on Handy app from crunchbase are cleaning services. Around fifteen percent of the servicers on the application are carpenters and plumbers. Not many clients need these services performed for their homes, but those who are looking for an easy one-stop-shop have found such in Handy. But, the price of construction workers and plumbers are not as competitive as home cleaners because there are not many competitors of carpenters and plumbers. In areas where there are a high concentration of plumbers, though, the prices are much cheaper than where there are not many plumbers.

Handy is easy to use, and easy to download. If one wants to know more about the company before downloading the app, the official website is located at Handy is available on all large app stores, and is 100% free to download. This popular home cleaning service app is asthetically pleasing along with being easy to use. Download Handy today to look at home cleaning listings in local areas for reasonable fees.

Sergio Cortes Earned His Success As An Impersonator

Whenever anyone works hard toward making their career happen they will have a much better chance at success than those who are just sitting back and letting life pass them by. Being an impersonator is not an easy thing to do, and it is a job that has to be taken very seriously. Only the most dedicated of people are really able to pull things off, and Sergio Cortes has been dedicated to his career since the very beginning.
Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator, and people have come to think of him as one of the best. They see his moves and the way that he looks and they admire him for putting so much effort into perfecting things. He has made sure to always look and act the part of Michael Jackson. He has taken his job very seriously, and yet he has been able to enjoy himself because of his great love and respect for the singer. He had admired him since he was a young boy, and he feels that being able to impersonate him now is an honor. He is glad to be able to do all of the things that Michael Jackson had done, and to be able to look just like him.
Everyone who wants to succeed in their careers will have to dedicate themselves fully to making sure that things are all getting done right, and that is just what Sergio Cortes has done. He has given himself fully to his career. He has pushed himself to be the best that he could be, and he is being recognized for doing that. People have begun to see him as an impersonator who is doing a good job of becoming the person that he is trying to imitate, and they admire him greatly for that. Sergio Cortes can be proud of himself for pushing himself so hard to become someone great. He can be proud of himself for giving his career his all and making himself to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator out there. He has worked hard and he earned every bit of success that he has had.

Andy Wirth Discusses Clean Power Plan

Andy Wirth has been making waves in the greater Reno-Tahoe region for the past decade or so, thanks to his work as a ski resort owner and operator. Wirth has been particularly active in the local government as well as he attempts to be a voice of welcoming and an activist for bringing tourists to the Valley to enjoy the amenities that are there. It should surprise nobody that Wirth has decided to speak up for the Clean Power Plan, recently in vote by the Reno City Council, as reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Wirth penned a strong voiced, poignant op-ed pleading to his readers to understand and support the proposed Clean Power Plan. Wirth was impassioned when he spoke of his desire to see the country move away from ‘dirty power’, like coal, and more toward a manageable and clean renewable source of energy. The Squaw Valley owner pointed to the fact that many private sector businesses were speaking up in support of the Clean Power Plan and that their voices were helping lead a charge toward something special, and important. He spoke of how the times are changing and moving toward this sustainable source of energy, thanks to a burgeoning economy. Wirth concluded his editorial by pleading for support of the Clean Power Plan from the greater elected officials in the country, including state government and even Congress. With was impassioned throughout his editorial.

Andy Wirth has a long and storied past as the owner of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has been an integral voice in bringing in tourism dollars to the area and he has honed his business acumen by becoming one of the finest ski destinations in the world. Wirth has always been an outdoors-man with passion for the greater things in nature. He has overcome potential tragic situations, such as his famous sky diving incident, and has bounced back with a spring in his step. Wirth’s support of the Clean Power Plan is a huge boon for the initiative and it could become something of a deciding factor for the future of the Reno City Board.