Austin’s Dr. Walden Stands Out Among Plastic Surgeons

In the field of cosmetic surgery, the name Dr. Jennifer Walden is one which stands out.


The founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center based in Austin, Texas, the 45-year-old mother of twin boys has emerged as a leading medical authority within her field. She is a media commentator of cosmetic surgical practices as well as a consultant to many aesthetic companies.


When it comes to the medical field, Dr. Jennifer Walden may have been destined to join it since her birth. She is the daughter of a couple already in the field originally in Austin. Her father was a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse.


Walden earned a bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Texas. She applied to Texas’ medical program and eventually earned salutatorian honors when she graduated. She went through her residency at Texas before moving to New York City, earning a fellowship at the Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital.


After many years in the Big Apple, Dr. Walden eventually returned home to Austin to set up a private practice there in 2011. This was shortly after the birth of her twin sons. By 2014, she also had opened a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas.


Dr. Walden specializes in more modern types of cosmetic surgery. An example of her practice is the use of the 3-D imaging technology known as Vectra. This procedure creates a visual of a patient’s pre-surgery look. Walden also is known to use the ThermiVa radio-frequency system which helps tightens and restore the vaginal area of a woman. She also has been credited for developing new and approved equipment for breast surgery.


Given her reputation, Walden has a number of honors. She is a board-certified plastic surgeon and was recently recognized by American Airlines magazine as one of the nation’s best in her field. She is on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as its Commissioner of Communications. Walden also is a media spokesperson for ASAPS and recently was chosen for membership of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons which is invitation-only.


Why Your Online Reputation Matters

Looking to understand the huge benefits of online reputation management? Every person and company has an online image. Whether it’s excellent, negative, or presently non-existent, it depends on you to either control it or let it be controlled by other forces. Online reputation management enables you to build the impression you like to present out there for people to see about you or your organization.

Your Reputation Defender review is extremely important and businesses should take appropriate steps to ensure a great impression about their brand. Your reputation determines how customers view you or your company and can certainly boost sales and revenue or diminish them. It is up to you to decide whether to do something about it or not.

In fact, across the globe, companies and professionals who are trusted online get more customers and clients, more recommendations, even more positive comments, and much better earnings. It’ no wonder, companies with unfavorable, unreliable reputation experience much less business, even more criticism, and less profits.

It is the age of the Internet, and if somebody wishes to find out about you or your company, they are most likely to use the search box. You have the power to control what they see or read about you.

Online reputation management is certainly difficult to handle without professional assistance. Constant adjustments to internet search engine and search engine optimization demands indicate that this task takes consistent effort and attention to find out how you can design your online credibility for success.

As your company grows, your online reputation management objectives could well transform. In order to serve you well, an online reputation management company should understand and satisfy this requirement.

As an example, a brand-new firm may use an online reputation management company to develop an online presence. Years later on, that same firm could find out that there are negative evaluations online that are harming the company’s search conversions. In this situation, the company might hire an online reputation management firm to reduce adverse reviews and maintain the positive track record it worked so hard to build.


Don Ressler the Successful Fashion And Beauty Entrepreneur

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur who has some companies that are multi-million dollars in worth. Among his companies is an intelligent beauty that is well known globally and he owns all its subsidiaries. Fitness heaven also was his company too, but in 2001 he sold it off to Intermix Media. After selling the company, he formed Alena media which undertakes e-commerce advertising on From the time it came to existence, it has recorded humongous profits.

Intelligent Beauty Company by Don Ressler is a direct-to-customer online shop. Its very first brand in business was DERMSTORE which is an online shop where customers get a wide variety of skin care products and cosmetics on Brandettes. The shop has grown in the number of customers it serves because of commitment to quality and cost effective products. The DERMSTORE is also very efficient and reliable once a client places an order for a product it takes the shortest time possible to reach them in the best condition. Exactly two years after DERMSTORE formation Don Ressler diversified to offer weight loss services at He is a keen entrepreneur who easily learns the gaps in various segments and by filling the gaps he is in business. Don Ressler noticed many people were struggling with heavy weight and this was the inspiration that saw him launch SENSA a system that has been helping many people to cut weight to their desired standards. To ensure the products he offered were of high standards Don brought on board Dr. Alan Hirsch who works as the company product developer, he has vast knowledge in weight reduction products on Huffington Post, and he is very dedicated to his work. The two companies SENSA and DERMSTORE are very profitable. In 2008 intelligent beauty got a funding of forty-three million dollars from Technology Crossover Ventures.

The funding Don got came at the best time, and it saw Intelligent Beauty launch a third company in 2010 JustFab which is an e-commerce fashion store that deals in retailing fashion products. In 2011 the company got more funding of thirty-three million US dollars from matrix partners. By April 2012 the company had increased membership to around six million people. Having recorded good growth in the first two years of operations, the company JustFab got geared to explore more markets in the world. The company growth was not stopping, and on January 18, 2013, it bought FabKids an online shop that deals in children fashion. Don Ressler star as an entrepreneur wasn’t stopping to shine and on the same year his company acquired The Fab Shoes this brought more members from France and Spain. Don Ressler advice entrepreneurs to always be keen on the people they work with because business growth depends on a lot of them.

Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

One of the most innovative financial companies in the world is Equities First Holdings. The company has worked to qualitatively secure its clients using stocks as collateral to issue fast capital during this harsh economic grounds in the world. The United States, as a matter of evidence, is in a harsh economic state. According to the financial researchers, they state that the economy is on a downward trend this season. For the high—net-worth individuals and corporations are seeking the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital, few people are seeking the worst forms of innovation in business and financial matters. Banks tighten the credit-based loans during this financial era of economic downfall. For this reason, these loans are characterized by the increased interest rates. The best destination for your capabilities is Equities First Capital. While you use stocks as collateral, you can get a chance to secure fast working capital in a simple manner.

According to research, this company has sought to define itself as innovative because of its services. There is no other company in the world offering same services as Equities First Holdings. Your next best destination after the credit-based bank loans is Equities First Holdings if you need the fast working capital. According to the beneficiaries of this loan, they keep coming back for more options because they offer the best ways of securing fast working capital. As a matter of fact, its presence in the leading countries in the world is inevitable. Indianapolis is the main headquarters of the company. However, it has offices in major countries in the word including Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Perth, and London.

For you to secure non-recourse capital, you can use your stocks as collateral. While there are many options in the world to help you secure the loan, many people are here to help us make an informed decision. However, the company has other services to offer to the financial world including alternative financial solutions, capital allocation, and financial services provision. The Founder and President of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy, has more than 50 employees of the company under his management and direction. Equities First Holdings has worked for more than 14 years to develop its experience, traction, and innovative capabilities in the world. For all this time, they have worked to issue more than $2 billion in 2000 transactions. Most of its clients come back for more loans because they find it most convenient.



John Goullet is Propelling Diversant LLC. to Success as Its Principal

John Goullet is Principal of the highly successful company, Diversant. He has been involved in the IT sector for decades and brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the company. He has also had a great amount of experience in the IT Staffing field in particular. He founded Info Technologies in the 1990s and it was a huge success. It was recognized twice as one of the most rapidly evolving companies in the country. They provided top notch employees to Fortune 500 companies all across the country. His company was highly successful due in part to his ability to understand and act on current market trends.

John Goullet and Gene Waddy joined forces to combine Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies to create Diversant LL. John continues to work in the IT field that he enjoys so much and works to find solutions for the field and its evolving marketplace. In a recent interview that was featured in Idea Mensch, he recounts how he has always been motivated and inspired to achieve. Even at a young age, he was driven to see results. He currently is very focused on creating just the right productive atmosphere at Diversant as well as developing a culture that works for the company. He says one of his only regrets from the past was not holding people accountable for their action sooner and allowing the company to feel those effects. Since then, he has found a formula that works and helps everyone in the company to achieve success.

Lovaganza Has Plans To Unite The World


Lovaganza has given itself the mission of creating spectacular entertainment that inspires people all over the world. Its purpose is to assist people in discovering a variety of cultures and nations from around the globe. Their hope is that Lovaganza will help people to have a better understanding of what connects us all and what makes us all unique.



From May to September 2020 Lovaganza will take its mission to America, Africa, Asia, the Middle-East, Europe, and Oceania. The celebrations will be conducted under the theme, “embarking on a Bohemian Adventure.” Lovaganza will showcase the world’s different cultures by giving visitors dazzling entertainment from things like motion pictures and comprehensive exhibitions and attractions.



The festivities will be indicative of a vintage cinema feel and the classic World’s Fair of an older era. Audiences can experience brand new entertainment all under the “Grand Chapiteau” or its many pavilions in chorus with all eight locations around the world.



There will be many ways to enjoy Lovaganza. See them during their traveling show, watch the Lovaganza Convoy Film Trilogy or go to one of the many 2020 celebrations. Lovaganza’s Traveling Show will begin hitting the road a few years before the big 2020 celebrations and give a glimpse of the event to people in all eight locations. The Lovaganza Caravan will travel all over the world, giving people an opportunity to explore Lovaganza’s world by showing them the adventures of “The Marvelous 12”, an animated series. Those visitors will also be able to experience “A Walk Around The World”, an attraction where audiences can walk around in different countries on every continent.



People can even participate in Lovaganza’s groundbreaking “Hands Across the World.” This is a worldwide event that involves people from all over the world, at all Lovaganza celebrations, uniting hands at the exact same time. This human chain will have a heightened effect through the use of Unity Machines. These machines will unite everyone on a virtual level by allowing people to touch and connect with someone on another continent on screen.



The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy will be a cinematic experience shown at the 2020 celebrations. This trilogy will take audiences on a ride all over the world through, mystery, comedy, action, and drama on a scale that’s never been seen before. The trilogy will be filmed using innovative Immerscope technology and be presented on larger-than-life glassless 3D screens in Lovaganza’s traveling theaters. Immerscope is a new way of seeing movies or shows by giving the audience a new immersive experience. The traveling show will feature 180 degree glassless 3D curved screens and the 2020 celebrations will feature an extraordinary 360 degree screen that will help the audience become completely immersed in the world of Lovaganza.



Lovaganza hopes to use entertainment to awake a new global consciousness. This will be a step in the direction of a healthy and prosperous world by showing the people of the world what connects us and what makes us unique. Lovaganza believes it will have a powerful impact by promoting unity, peace, and richness.




Wengie Gives Great Holiday Hacks

In one of her most recent videos, famous Youtuber and Vlogger Wengie, gives her audience some great DIY life and holiday hacks.


One of the first hacks she gives her audience is a DIY snow globe using a small mason jar. She glues a small artificial tree to the lid and fills the jar with fake snow to create a winter wonderland landscape.


Another one of her great hacks is taking the liquid absorbing material out of a diaper and adding a bit of water to create fake snow for your holiday decorations. She also wraps some black ribbon around a red solo cup and then hot glued a gold button on the ribbon to mimic a Santa suit on the cup.


She then created a snowman for her hot chocolate by connecting three marshmallows with small coffee straws. She then added some cut section from the straws to make the arm and legs. She paints on buttons and a face with chocolate and then adds it to her drink. She puts a new twist on a mini Christmas tree.


She wraps colored twine around a piece of magazine paper that has been rolled and secured into a cone shape. Simply cut the base of the cone evenly and wrap the twine. Once the twine covers the cone you apply thin strips of hot glue up and down in different patterns. Pull the magazine out of the tree and then glue decorative stars to the tree. These make great table toppers.


She also shows her viewers how to take those unwanted holiday socks and turn them into a cup warmer. She cuts the sock in half and sews the bottom straight across. She slides the sock onto the cup and then folds the ends in toward each other and sews them together. They protect your hands and keep your drink warm.


One of the best hacks she gives in the video is a homemade wreath that is crafted from a bent wire coathanger with plastic tree ornaments threaded onto the hanger and then a few touches of artificial foliage add a festive look. Wengie always has incredible hacks and tip and she releases videos twice per week for her devoted fans that can’t seem to get enough of her videos.

Professional Household Services by Handy Cleaning Company

Everyone wishes and loves to spend time in a clean, tidy and fresh home after retiring from work. Spending the whole day working may make you feel tired and it is important to have a place to sleep it off and rest. However, this may turn out to be difficult especially if you always have a busy schedule throughout the day. You do not have to worry anymore since Handy Cleaning Company has the right employees to do the work on your behalf. You can be able to get services such as cleaners, handyman, painters and even plumbers right at your doorstep. was in a position to increase the number of bookings every week due to their new app. Using your phone, you can easily book all the services you require and not have to visit the company itself. In this way, many people are in a position to get the services they need no matter how busy they are. You will only be required to provide information such as your location, the services you seek, the date and time you need the expert depending on your availability. The expert ill then be sent to you at the exact time you requested to ensure they do not mess up with your schedule.


Handy Cleaning Company has always been reliable in offering quality services to their clients. This is because they hire the best and qualified experts to work for them. All the employees at Handy have been checked to ensure they are perfect for the job and insured to keep them as well as the client safe while working. You will also be in a position to get your full amount back in case you were not pleased with the services. The company will also be willing to replace any broken or damaged items by the employee and ensure everything is perfect.


Did Switzerland Gauge the EU Properly With its Depeg? Martin Lustgarten Opines

The wealthy, wise and successful might not be following the “beaten path.” The average man tends to “follow the herd.” Unfortunately, following the herd can lead to your being fleeced. Switzerland has followed a unique, independent path with respect to the European Union (EU). Was its policy correct?

“Switzerland is Melting Pot”

In some ways, Switzerland is already what the European Union aspired to be. It is a nation that is multi-lingual, respecting different ethnic histories. It also has a solid financial position.While France gave up its currency, the Swiss maintained it. The Swiss franc remains an important global currency (ranking #5 or so in holdings.) The Swiss have helped the European Union succeed, by pegging its franc to the euro.

But when, the Swiss realized the EU problems were very deep, the franc was de-pegged. It might have been “just in time.” In 2016, Brexit was another sign of EU collapse.

“What is the Secret to Swiss Success?”

Switzerland does not over-reach. The Swiss understand their strengths and weaknesses. They are quite content in focusing on their own nation’s bottom line. When it was in their interest to support the EU, they did. But when further assistance was futile, the Swiss cut their losses.During Greece’s problems, the Swiss also tightened their border restrictions. This heightened the value of Swiss citizenship. For some European nations, the welfare state has been part of the problem.

“Swiss Time”

Because, they are experts at making great watches and clocks, the Swiss know time. The differences between success and failure in many investments is based on timing. The Swiss have been very good with timing.Investment banker Martin Lustgarten is a collector of “fine Swiss time pieces.” He understands the importance of timing. The wealthy must seek assets, which are priced low and then can be resold high.

Brexit suggests that the Swiss were correct in their assessment of the EU’s future. The Swiss bankers were one step ahead of the English bankers. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten loves fine things and knows when the timing is ideal for making important investment decisions.


Christmas And Securus Technologies

There is a company named Securus Technologies that is making Christmas a jolly time for a segment of the population. This segment is the people that are incarcerated, and won’t be able to be with their loved ones during the holiday. The company invented video visitations where the prisoners can hear and see their loved ones on the holiday. By watching them open gifts and other traditions, it gives the prisoners a better overall feeling. This lowers the incidence of violence, and the correction facility is a much safer place at that time.


All during the month of December, the company, Securus Technologies is airing commercials that will talk about the video visitations, and how important they are to the safety in the correction facilities. This is being done so other people can see how it benefits everyone to have this technology, and how the prisoners also need to know that they are cared about too at Christmas.


The company is all about safety, and Securus Technologies has the wherewithal to make the newest and most innovative ways of keeping the world safer. They are known and respected for what they can do, and they will continue to create better and better ways. They are wanted by a lot of companies to help them with safety issues, and they always complete their missions. Their workers are fantastic people that are dedicated to what they do, and they always complete their work. They want the world to be a better and safer place for everyone, and with the way that they conduct business, they will succeed at doing just that in the future.