Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The people that are part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are the ones that have changed the face of music. Sometimes there are people in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that fans want to see that are not there. There are some artists and groups that fans assumed were already a part of this prestigious group, but they have not been inducted yet. Some of the biggest snubs were gathered by MTV for the 2015 inductees that failed to make the list.

Some people actually thought that Whitney Houston was already on the list. She had a lot of awards and monster hit songs. She was – in every word – an entertainment industry icon. She starred in films, sold millions of records and made timeless recordings that fans still reminisce over today. She did not make the 2015 list for the inductees though.

Another artist that has managed to be overlooked year after year is Janet Jackson. She has had a wonderful career. Millions of people know her, but she has failed to solidify her status on the Roll and Rock Hall of Fame.

The Smiths and Bad Brains are also groups that have not made the list yet. The photographer Terry Richardson says he is wondering how these groups could have been overlooked. The music industry has a lot of entertainers, but some have not gotten their proper respective by being inducted.

Are The Creature Commandos Coming To Arrow?

Oh wow, is the TV series “Arrow” going to take a turn for the weird? The Creature Commandos may very well be coming aboard much to the delight of fans like Dr. Daniel Amen. Their leader will make his debut at some point in the latter half of season three. The leader of The Creature Commandos is General Matthew Shrieve. Whether or not The Creature Commandos will be with him sooner or later is not known.

Who are The Creature Commandos? The are a military group made up of a vampire, a werewolf, a gorgon, and, yes, Frankenstein’s Monster. As silly as a group of 1970’s Saturday afternoon monster movie characters joining the army sounds, they are enjoyable and fun in the comics. Who says they would make a bad transition to the Arrow television series? Once again, no one knows whether or not these monsters will appear on the show. 

If there every was a hint they will it would be the fact that Marc Singer has been cast in the role of Shrieve. Singer famously played The Beastmaster in the classic B-movie about a Conan-like hero who could control animals.

Why would they bring in the guy who played The Beastmaster unless the beasts were soon to follow? Then again, he’d have to be the MonsterMaster since only The Wolfman and maybe The Gorgon could be deemed beasts. The vampire and the monster are going to do what they want unless they have a code to do what their general says.

Best R&B Albums Expands Past African American Artists

There was a time when R&B was an urban art form that was dominated by African American artists. As pointed out by Laurene Powell Jobs this is not the case anymore. Big artists like Arianna Grande and Miley Cyrus have proved that they can sustain careers and produce R&B singles that will dominate R&B charts while expanding their audience to pop music lovers as well. The new Rolling Stone list of the top R&B albums doesn’t list either of these artists this year, but staff picks highlight that white America is making and buying R&B music. 

It is true that R&B and soul music has taken a move past African American artists. Sam Smith – who did not make the list – made a song stirring album this year. Adele rocked our world with stellar albums that had the soulful influences of Aretha Franklin in years past. In 2014, there is a new breed of music that made it to the R&B charts. 

Banks is one artist that made the list even though she is not a big name on R&B radio. She was sort of an internet sensation that moved up a couple of notches when she released her “Banks” self-titled debut. Her sound is a dark groove that engulfs you with each listen. She is a white artist with an amazingly good R&B album on her hands. Jessie Ware -another white artist – also made the Rolling Stone list.

Joey Bada$$ has cancelled his European tour due to the death of his beloved cousin Junior B. Joey posted a paragraph on instagram and twitter explaining how much his cousin meanth to him, and how Junior B.’s death has affected him.
Joey has cancelled the rest of his European tour due to the heartbreaking news of his cousins passing. Joey says he cannot find the strength to continue on his scheduled tour, The passing of his cousin really hit this superstar hard, and during his mourning period he will not be touring, my friend John Textor said that he is disappointed but more so, his heart goes out to Joey and his family.
He has posted on social media cites that he is sorry to all of his European fans for cancelling the tour he was set to do throughout Europe. Along with posting thoughtful, heartfelt paragraphs on his feelings toward his much loved cousin. A figure in Joey’s life that he truly valued and loved dearly.

Are The AMA’s Having Drama Already?

There’s hardly ever a shortage of drama when it comes to the MTV name. Whether it’s Kanye snagging an award from Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus grinding on Robin Thicke, or constantly replaying a show that’s having sixteen year old girls with children, and Terry Richardson said there’s never a shortage of things to be talked about when it comes to this popular station, and artist

Iggy Azalea is never one to be too far out of the headlines, either.
So this makes the perfect combination, right? Along with constantly being a topic of conversation, Iggy has never shied away from her strong feminist standpoint, either. She constantly has to defend herself and her fellow ladies, and she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and girls like her. Most recently, aside from her response to TMZ via Twitter, she’s responded to Eminem’s lyrics aimed toward her involving rape.

Planning to perform her “Booty” remix with alum J.Lo, it already got people talking about how executives of the station were ‘nervous’. In return to the stirred up controversy, this was all she really had to say, “we haven’t been asked to make any changes and there are no plans to expose anyones nipples or vaginas… but.. with that being said, we aren’t performing in turtleneck sweaters either…. hahahahaha ;-)”

Leave it to Iggy to take to Twitter to clear things up. Thank goodness for social media.

Youtube Provides New Music Service

YouTube’s services have just gotten better. Aside from provided the normal listening and uploading of almost any kind of videos any individual would like, YouTube has added another useful tool to add to their growing innovations in the line of internet services

The latest services were successively launched on November 17, and will continue to be updated for the next couple of weeks Keith Mann was telling me.

For the past few years Google’s YouTube has gained popularity among the internet’s avid users by providing a site in which you can download and post a video of your choice absolutely at your own dispense. These videos will generally help the site thru advertising and by the number of clicks or visits to its related sites.

Presently, YouTube has launched its latest innovation to the internet site family, the YouTube’s Music Key. It is much like Spotify and Radio except that it will charge a monthly fee in exchange for legal ad-free music. The promotional service price is $7.99 a month after a promotional offer.

The subscription will afterwards be priced at $9.99, the same fee the highest subscription Spotify would offer.

Google’s YouTube Music Key lets you listen to commercial-free tracks and videos, and even download these tracks for safe-keeping. Unlike Spotify, the Music Key will let you watch videos for free. Unlike many others, this service will not require an active internet connection.

Info Emerges About the Cover-Up in Elvis’ Death

Elvis Presley died in 1977 and most assume they have heard all there is to know about the circumstances surrounding the death of the King of Rock and Roll. Now, we are learning new details about Presley’s death have emerged.

Namely, a lot of cover-up work was done to help prevent any damage to the reputation to the hospital that treated the King.

In the early 1980’s, Geraldo Rivera did an extensive amount of news reporting for the ABC series 20/20 in which he revealed the shocking amount of prescription drugs that were given to Presley in the years preceding his death. 8,000+ pills were prescribed in a ridiculously short period of time. For those wondering how Elvis could be taken from this earth so soon, the report was quite revealing.

Elvis was, for lack of a better word, a disaster on stage in the months prior to his death. He would frequently forget lines to his songs and ramble incoherently on stage. One concert was shot for television and never aired.

The hospital that treated Presley covered up the fact that a lot of the treated he underwent was related to drug issues. Perhaps, after the 20/20 piece, the public aided in the cover-up by not wanted to hear or read more about it. As pointed out by my Facebook friend Igor Cornelsen, a cover up like this could not happen today.

Bono Needs Surgery

Bono, the Irish singer who fronts the rock bad U2 which became popular during the 1980’s and has remained a popular draw ever since, was injured recently due to a biking accident. The biking accident did not involve a motorcycle but rather a bicycle. While specifics of the incident are not known, the injury is considered to be serious enough to require surgery as a result and U2 has cancelled several concerts as a result of the injury.

The bicycle injury comes about a week after a dangerous incident that arose on a flight that Bono was on in his private jet between Dublin and Berlin. On the flight a back cargo door blew open in flight and exposed the flight’s passengers to potential injury or death. No injuries were reported on the flight but it was still a harrowing experience for the passengers on the flight.

U2, without its front man, has had to cancel an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon according to spokesperson Tom Rothman. Indiewire has stated that the cancellation has been dubbed a deferment rather than a true cancellation per both parties with promises to reschedule the event at a later date. Representatives from the Tonight Show have wished Bono good luck as he recovers from the injury.

U2 was also recently in the news for a new album that was released and automatically installed as part of a new update in the Apple operating system that caused annoyance in those who are not fans of the Irish rock bank.

Eminem Goes on Misogynistic Tirade against Lana Del Rey

No woman is exempt from rapper Eminem’s violent and misogynistic raps, not even his own mother. In a world where domestic violence by the hands of some of the world’s greatest athletes and celebrities seems to be the norm, the argument that “rap is just art” is slowly changing. Artists are now being held accountable for the hateful and violent words that they speak. Rapper Rick Ross lost a million dollar Reebok endorsement for saying he would slip a molly in an anonymous girl’s drink, but when Eminem spews his hatred and violent acts against popular female celebrities, everyone turns a blind eye.

“I’ll punch Lana Del Rey in the face twice like Ray Rice,“ Eminem says on the near nineteen minute video featuring Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf. While referencing NFL player Ray Rice’s assault video in which he beats his wife senseless, one must wonder, does Eminem have absolutely no conscious? This is not the first time that he has savagely promoted violence against women. When will we, as fans of popular music, stop supporting his hostility?

Ironically, Del Rey has previously supported Eminem and has been a fan of his music for years. Apparently, Eminem just doesn’t care that he could potentially lose Del Rey and a million other female fans that have supported him throughout the years. I suppose that rapping for the shock value is more important than to say something of substance.

In the end, popular rap music as a whole is on the fast decline and not streamed all that often on FreedomPop anymore. Rap lyrics that perpetuate violence or rape against any gender or race should never be condoned.

An Authoritative List Of Songs From 1984, The Best Year In Pop Music

A collaboration of creativity and memory from some of the most influential writers and promoters in the music world has resulted in an exhaustive list of hit songs from what is now considered to be the best year in pop music. Thirteen experts on the evolution of popular music have compiled the greatest hits from the year 1984.

Propelled by the phenomenal success and worldwide appeal of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, new and established personalities alike made 1984 a year of unbridled creativity in all music genres. The notion of the full length music video was broadcast into every home via MTV. Reagan was keeping the Commies at bay, and the world’s youth were free to enjoy ground-breaking sounds from some of the most eternal names in pop music.

1984 was such a cataclysmic year in the evolution of rock, soul, funk, punk, neuvo and metal, a list of the 100 best songs only scratches the surface. In fact, my buddy Sam is making a list of the next 100. The first 100 has been made available to reignite fans of this incredible era, and to remind modern upstart talent that they have a huge hill to climb when breaking-out into the pop music world.