Yeonmi Park Escaped From The Most Secretive Nation In The World And She Wrote A Book About Her Journey

There is some truth in all fiction. And there is some fiction in the truth, especially in the literary world. Yeonmi Park, the North Korean woman that escaped that oppressive country when she was thirteen wanted to write about her journey to freedom, and she accomplished that desire, but not everyone is convinced that the experiences she endured on her journey to freedom are true. In her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, Park relives her torturous adventure from North Korean to China. Thousands of readers have been captivated by the incredible hardships Park and her mother endured while they made their way through the Gobi Desert to eventual freedom in South Korea.

Once the North Korean’s discovered that Park was going to tell the world about the hardships that exist in the most secretive nation in the world, a documentary video was made to discredit Park. The Video, Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of Human Rights Plot, tears Park’s story apart claiming that she and her mother were agents of the United States. According to an article published by, the video depicts Park as a “celebrity defector” that wrote a story filled with discrepancies. The video depicts Park as a woman that lies about her native country.

Qnet Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

After 16 years in the direct selling industry, Qnet is able to compete with much large companies in the same niche. Based in India, Qnet was established by a few close friends who wanted to launch a revolutionary enterprise that would focus on the health and wellness of consumers. This company is proud to sell diverse products that are considered to be healthy by international standards. From skincare products to nutritional supplements, Qnet offers a large variety of items that can improve the quality of life for countless customers. Additionally, this company also carries high-end merchandise such as jewelry and watches made in Switzerland.

Qnet follows a comprehensive testing protocol for any products that might be added to the company’s growing inventory. When trying to sell new items, this enterprise is not just motivated by profits and revenues. Instead, Qnet believes in good ethics and morals that ultimately play a role in the company’s logistical operations. For example, this business is a strong supporter of the vegetarian lifestyle that’s growing in popularity worldwide. In fact, Qnet only offers a vegetarian menu at special events such as corporate gatherings. Qnet takes a firm stance when it comes to using non-vegetarian ingredients in the company’s line of edible products. Simply said, Qnet has a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of non-vegetarian derivatives. When testing food for quality and other factors, Qnet does not endorse the use of animals for such traditional experiments that are carried in labs worldwide.

Besides deeply caring for wildlife, this company is also passionate about improving the precious lives of human beings all over the world. Qnet has launched various campaigns that raise awareness about health issues such as overweight and cardiovascular problems. In fact, Qnet has taken active steps to prevent such health complications by minimizing the amount of sugar and other ingredients from the company’s that are items sold online. Surely, drinks and food items that are low in sugar and sweeteners will cut the risk of diabetes in consumers.

Qnet also has a simple philosophy that focuses on giving back to the community. The company has actively engaged in philanthropic activities in India and other nations. Qnet believes in being a socially responsible enterprise that can earn respect on a global scale. As a strong sponsor of the Rashid Centre, Qnet has surely shown its dedication to helping children and other people in need.

Venezuela and its Socialist Reform

The socialist revolution begun by Hugo Chavez is now backfiring in Venezuela. The financial policies that have been held by the country for the past 15 years are now destroying it. These socialist policies, which have basically involved curbing capitalism and making sure no one making sure there is no profit making, were supposed to help the country financially. Instead, these socialist policies have had a drastic adverse effect on production. And this is unfortunate because Venezuela has a lot of profitable resources. Most notably is its plentiful oil fields, which expert Danilo Diaz Granados says have historically been the most productive in the world.
But this, like its corn, sorghum, rice, cattle, poultry, and fishing industries have greatly declined in effective production. In addition, most Venezuelans (a recent poll indicated 87%) do not make enough to purchase the now incredibly expensive basic needs. The harming policies have brought the country to its financial needs by forcing companies to keep prices low, this creates shortages, which in turn forces consumers to turn to Black Markets, and naturally this will hurt all of the legitimate companies. So the present state is no surprise. It was only a matter of time.

Because of the tremendous financial hardship facing just about everyone in Venezuela, crime is rampant explained Diaz Granados. Thieves commonly go throughout the countryside, stripping farms of farming equipment. In essence, things are very, very grim in Venezuela and most recognize that something has got to change and soon. For a more detailed look at the crises in Venezuela read here.


Better Reputation Boosts Your Online Presence Effectively and Fearlessly

First impressions are everything, and in a world so heavily influenced by the internet, those impressions better be superb in order to maintain a positive business image. Unfortunately, however, mistakes happen, and while that has generally been an accepted flaw, the twenty-first century is anything but forgiving. One bad review holds the ability to influence the decision of millions of users each day. As a result, it is crucial to understand the means available to build your online presence a stage, and spotlight the positive aspects of it in a long-lasting performance.

“When someone wants to learn about anyone and anything, they turn to the Internet,” – See more at,” said Patrick Ambron in an article published by Business News Daily. Further discussing how boosting your online image is far more complicated than listing a sale or limited product, mention was made to investing in a reputation management service. By examining the benefits of hiring one of these firms, it is difficult to pass up the opportunity.

Though countless firms exist as a result of the superiority of the internet, among the best in the industry is Better Reputation. Emphasizing the fact that people already know everything about you before you even meet them thanks to Google, the firm discusses how their services alter the information that people first see. Showcasing what people need to know, relevant information pertaining to your business is the first to show up on any search engine. Using keywords as tools, Better Reputation easily abolishes any speculation surrounding your company’s services. Always maintaining the understanding that everything on the internet is permanent, their company offers quality service that never crumbles under pressure nor succumbs to per-existing negativity.


Wen by Chaz: Tested and Loved

Chaz Dean, creator of Wen hair products (, has created hair care that makes managing locks simple. From the 5-in-1 cleansing conditioner that includes shampoo, three different kinds of conditioners and a detangler, to the styling products, Wen scores points for giving women a simple way to have shiny, full hair.
Lacking the sulfates found in most shampoos, Wen by Chaz products also leave customers with healthy hair. The intentional ingredients were chosen so hair could hold onto natural oils, making it more manageable and soft. Customers can order Wen by Chaz products and start experiencing the difference good ingredients make.

Wen by Chaz was recently reviewed in an article on Bustle. Emily McClure, who writes for the health and beauty section, tried the sephora marketed Fig 5-in-1 formula for a week and reported to readers that she didn’t experience as much hair loss as she usually does when using other products. She also noticed what felt like more fullness in her hair almost immediately. By the end of the week, friends were commenting on the shine of her hair, and McClure recommends this product for people who, like her, have fine hair. Her review includes pictures of her hair before and after using Wen by Chaz products and can be found at Review on Wen products can be found at

Morrison: Chief Compliance Officer

A recent article on the Supply & Demand Chain Executive website shares that Chief Compliance Officers are increasingly concerned about their personal liability in regards to situations of corporate misconduct. Federal agencies have recently begun increasing the investigation and enforcement activities. The Department of Justice recently appointed Hui Chen as the first compliance counsel and released the Yates Memo, outlining a plan to prosecute individual employees of a corporation and plans to incentivize reforms.

81% of the CCOs surveyed are deeply concerned, especially those in heavily regulated industries. The resources required to address emerging issues are not something that CCOs believe can be handled with their current structures. Resources and budget restraints will place additional pressure on CCOs as they continue to increase their workloads and the span of control that they will be held personally liable for by the DOJ and SEC. Chief Compliance Officers like Helane Morrison have been placed on high alert because of the personal stakes related to their jobs. DOJ’s Hui Chen has already begun making waves and 99% of surveyed CCOs expect that Chen will continue to intensify the scrutiny of compliance programs.

Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners LLC in November of 2007, according to Bloomberg. She now serves as Managing Director, Principal, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Member of Executive Committee for the firm. Given her vast experiences, including head of enforcement with the SEC in the San Francisco office for 3 years, Morrison knows what the SEC will be striving to enforce with the newest initiatives related to the DOJ’s Yates Memo.

Connect with Helane Morrison on LinkedIn.

Igor Cornelsen, Champion Investor and Advisor

When it comes to investing your money things can seem a bit confusing. Igor Cornelsen has been able to clear up some of this confusion easily. Having been a banker and investment expert Igor is currently the Chief Executive Office of Bainbridge investments on Believing that making long term investments can continuously create profits, basically investing is like a career. Of course investors need to be ready to place their funds in different portfolios for several years to gain the returns on those investments.

Providing invaluable advice to those whom wish to venture into these types of commitments Igor Cornelsen has not left his services only in Brazil. People from across the world have been helped with his advice. First and foremost he feels that people should connect with the locals to ‘fit their cultures’. Next investors on need to set rules and regulations of the country they plan to invest in. By adhering to these two simple rules ‘of thumb’ investors can be guaranteed operations without huge incidents.

Igor Cornelsen also believes that Brazil can become a large role in the world of investments. Having shown a large growth in its economy Brazil has benefited from Igor’s advice to investors in ‘taking stake’ in the growing economy. With his banking Igor has helped the Brazilian banks to secure profits during their financial woes. Igor Cornelsen has also been able to stay ahead of the game where investments are concerned. Igor has a belief that placing it is better to place small investments than one considerably large investment sin a company. In doing so this will reduce the risk factor one can find themselves in. His way of thinking is that several investments on can help the investor to lessen the chances of future losses.

Igor Cornelsen’s experience makes it easy for others to look up to him. Sharing his expertise with others whom wish to succeed in the world of investing no matter who they are. Race, status, or nationality matter not to him. Igor has helped many people to not only make informed decisions but successful ones. With his brilliant ideas in the ever changing world of investment no one can afford to ignore his advice. It is easy to see that Igor Cornelsen has not only striven to be the best he can but also the policy that others can as well. Investing may not be ‘rocket science’ but with Igor’s advice it can seem less scary and more logical.

They Can’t Eat You is a Must Read for Startups

According to Vanessa Kings Books, entrepeneurs looking to feel empowered need to read Marc Sparks new book They Can’t Eat You. This book offers practical advice on how to become an entrepreneur even if you never attend a day of college.

In fact, Marc Sparks was just a C+ student when he graduated in 1975 from a high school in Austin, Texas. Through the pages of the book, he shows readers how they can build their own success stories, regardless of their background.

Readers of this book are given practical advice from Marc Sparks who developed his system by creating over 60 startup companies. Six of those companies he is currently operating including Croft + Company. Not only does Marc have the practical experience needed to guide entrepreneurs on the right path, but he is also an experienced leadership coach having developed his own programs that have been used by over 230 executives including those from many Fortune 500 companies.

In They Can’t Eat You, Marc shares effective advice on how to align talent with strategy, how to position a company for rapid growth, how to control staff turnarounds and how to be an effective leader. This 121 page book offers 50 quick lessons that can easily be read in a few minutes but will change the way that entrepreneurs do business for the rest of their careers.

Marc introduces readers to the important basics that he has used to build his companies including faith, passion, tenacity, focus, monetization and urgency.

After reading this book, readers will be ready to conquer their own little corner of the world using the techniques that he presents. Then, they will be ready to build their own list of successful startup companies.


Wen by Chaz: A Personal and Honest 7-Day Hair Experience

Chaz Dean is the visionary artist and hair lover behind Wen by Chaz. Chaz had humble beginnings in the hair world but worked his way up on pure talent. His talent began to gather attention from upscale clientèle, and one day he was able to get his own salon.

Chaz was able to bring his ‘attention to beauty’ to stars and other people who trusted his ability to bring out the best in them. One of the things that he was most proud of was his revolutionary hair care and treatment line. This was a line he developed for his customers but later released to the general public. This product is now known as: Wen by Chaz.

A 7-Day Experience of Wen by Chaz

Products promise all kinds of results, but the big question is if they are able to deliver on their promises. Wen is another product that promised on a QVC commercial several positive results after using it. The promise was rooted on the special formula that contained many natural extracts that help revitalize hair and add an immense amount of volume.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a multi-purpose product that is a conditioner, deep leave-in conditioner, treatment, and shampoo. A article in Bustle chronicled a hair enthusiast’s decision to try this formula out. Emily, the hair enthusiast, decided to only give WEN seven days to prove itself.

The first day saw some beautification that surprised her. Emily’s hair felt softer and had more volume, but it fell flat after the day was over. Emily’s hair began to get greasier than usual but she persisted. And, to her surprise, her hair grew accustomed to WEN, and she is now enjoying amazing results that last without any negative side effects.



Television Series with New Twist

Imagine a television series with a new angle and twist. The Queens of Drama television series accomplishes just that. In this series, several former soap opera actresses and actors are put to the ultimate test to see if they can create their very own, original soap opera. Some of the actors included in this show are Jason Shane Scott, Sam Sarpong as well as Lorenzo Lamas. Vanessa Marcil, Donna Mills, Lindsay Hartley and Crystal Hunt herself are just a few of the actresses that were chosen to star in Queens of Drama. The show follows these former actresses and actors as they try to create the very thing that made them famous; a successful television series. The team must do all of the work for the show including production, writing and pitching. The whole goal is to see if the team can land a deal to produce the series. April 26, 2015 was the release date for this series and it has received positive feedback from viewers who love to see their favorite soap actors and actresses back in action with a little twist.

Crystal Hunt represents one of the main actresses on the Queens of Drama television series. In fact, Hunt is present for a total of nine episodes of the entire season, which makes up a large majority of the season. Crystal Hunt brings a strong and knowledgable presence to the screen. Hunt and Lindsay Hartley, another former soap star, have an ongoing stressed relationship which creates tension for the show and certainly offers the name Queens of Drama.

Her YouTube highlights indicate Crystal Hunt began her professional career at a young age often performing in local pageants and commercials. Her career as a soap opera star escalated when she was given the role of Lizzie Spaulding in the longest running television drama Guiding Light. The series followed a group of families as life unfolded for them in Springfield. Crystal Hunt saw a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her role on Guiding Light. Crystal Hunt was also featured on One Life to Live as Stacy Morasco. Other than soap opera roles, Hunt has also worked extensively in movies. Her most recent performance was in Magic Mike XXL. When she is not acting, Hunt is pursuing other ventures. She co-founded My Pet’s Dream Boutique and recently released her first full length film. The name of the film is Talbot County and was released in 2015.  Follow Ms. Hunt through her photography site to keep up on her career, or also to keep informed about what she does next.