Fabletics’ Take On Amazon

Amazon is controlling about 20 percent of the online fashion market, and this comes as a challenge for the fashion entrepreneurs. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is up for the challenge, and in fact, just three years after its inception it has developed to be a $250 million business. The firm has embraced technology, and their customers are using subscription mechanism when purchasing their preferred clothes.

It has always been believed that you can tell a brand’s value by considering its prices and quality but this combination is not practical anymore. People nowadays tend to rely on aspects such as brand recognition, customer experience, brand’s reputation, elite design, and customer service. So as to succeed in the fashion business, one need to consider such aspects to remain competitive.

Fabletics has sixteen physical stores operating in Illinois, California, Florida and Hawaii. Just like Warby Parker and Apple they target to open more new stores this year as a payoff to the fashion membership brand. Gregg Throgmarti, the General Manager of Fabletics, says that the secret of their success is maintaining modernized high-value brand from the beginning. Another secret is allowing members to use a personalized service and finally offering them affordable prices.

How Do Fabletics Organize Their Physical Stores Differently?

1. They Allow Reverse Show rooming
Usually, customers tend to browse offline for products and services they need which triggers them to purchase elsewhere at lower prices. Fabletics implemented a different but unique strategy which includes planning events or any other activity in their physical stores that directly helps in building a relationship with their clients. Through the approach, their membership has grown tremendously, and the physical sales in the store eventually end up in the online shopping cart.

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2. Having Right And Influential Data In Display
Fabletics knows that any data featured online must match with the physical facts of a product. Using online platform might render the items in the physical stores to be out of fashion in time. In this regard, Fabletics made sure that all the stores are stocked with a brand that matches User’s preferences in each area. They got information about the brand preferences in a particular place through store heat-mapping data, social media sentiment as well as real-time sales activity.

3. Secret For Their Success Is Based On People, Accessibility And Culture
Fabletics’ growth journey had hiccups such as new competitors, but they were able to balance between customer’s education, lifestyle as well as experiences. The corporate marketing officer, Shawn Gold from the parent company TechStyle Fashion Group, says that growth comes from several aspects including quality product sold at a great price, having a reliable spokesman, a creative team and an in-house media investment.

About Fabletics
Fabletics is a fashion store that was established in 2013 by Kate Hudson. There existed a gap in the active wear market, and Kate Hudson together with the co-CEOs of JustFab Inc, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler saw it as an opportunity. They formed Fabletics which offered great brands, at great prices in easily accessible points of sale. The stores have extended their territories and increased their sales significantly in just three years which shows a tremendous growth.

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Tools for Online Reputation Management

Increased use of online marketing and social media techniques give businesses a chance to go live with customers. For this reason, brands are struggling to catch reputation marketing practice. This interaction has a disadvantage customers are allowed to publish their reviews, comments, and complaints that can affect your brand negatively.

Reputation marketing takes its role from this end. Reputation marketing tools enable you to monitor, track, analyze, and engage in online activity to provide the power to respond to complaints raised by customers. You can use this chance to turn off damaging feedback in a positive response.

For you to manage your online reputation and engage your clients in every strategy, you must have the best tools for this purpose. According to research, the following are the top tools to take care of your brand.

  1. Consumer Matters

Consumer Affairs tools offer companies the most advanced and diverse features to make a robust reputation and generate more profit with over a million reviews and 5,000 brands. The advocacy group for consumers offers unpaid business plans and accreditation programs for a powerful software development platform. Brands get a broad range of resources to convert customer’s engagement to profit.

  1. Bazaar Voice

This tool is best for companies with bigger budgets. It was created to extend the voice of customers to natural search, offline channels, and shopping portals. Customers have a choice to leave ratings, reviews, answers, questions, and other client-oriented content. These data is then shared across all Internet and social medial platforms.

  1. Better Business Bureau

In 1992, Better business Bureau was founded as a consumer review elder for the statesman. This group serves as a go-between to solve brands and consumer disputes. The BBB website as one of the most trusted and popular available resource for consumers with over four million companies. Because of its convenient price, BBB offers a broad range of networking opportunities for brands and corporations.

  1. Trust Pilot

TrustPilot allows clients to leave consumer reviews on the stated websites. It offers paid and unpaid brand listings. Over 13 million reviews are listed for more than 100,000 companies on their current site. A basic analytics assortment and navigation tool makes it your choice.


Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a leader in this industry and a global leader in alternative financial solutions. According to Equities First Holdings, LLC, they have seen an increasing trend among in the stock-based loans over the margin loans in this poor economic climate where banks and other lending institutions have tightened their lending regulations. For the borrower who needs fast working capital or may not qualify for the credit-based loans, Equities First Holdings, LLC is a better alternative gaining popularity.

While there are many options for these people, many lending institutions have tightened their lending capabilities. For this reason, there is increased interest rates and tightened loan qualification methods. The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Equities First Holdings, LLC, Al Christy, said that stocks characterize the loans as the most innovative way to counter the banks for those who seek fast working capital, the stock-based loans offer a higher loan-to-value ratio than typical bank loans. They also have a fixed interest rate to provide you with certainty throughout the transaction.

According to Al Christy, a two-year loan term has an inevitable market fluctuation. Because the borrower has a little downside market and investment risk, the stock-based loans provide a hedge. Most of the stock-based loans are featured with a non-recourse to allow the borrower walk away from the loan without any obligation. When the stock value decreases, they will not be accountable when they walk away. The borrower can keep the initial proceeds.

According to Al Christy, most people don’t know the difference between the stock-based loans and margin loans. There is much difference between the two although both forms of financing use securities. For the margin loans, you must be pre-qualified for loan. You are also required to state the intended use of the money as with a conventional bank. For this loans, you expect loan-to-interest ratios between 10 percent and 50 percent. For this reason, your collateral can be liquidated by the lending firm at any time without prior warning.

As for the stock-based loans, you expect a fixed interest rate as a borrower two percent and four percent. You also expect a loan-to-value ratio of between 50 percent and 70 percent. For the loan, there are no restrictions. Therefore the money does not require any stated use. Also, there is a non-recourse feature in the stock-based loans. Even if the stock collateral is decreased, you can walk away without an obligation.

Talk Fusion

In an exciting development, global video marketing and communication leader Talk Fusion recently announced a new incentive for its Independent Associates – an all-expenses paid trip to beautiful Milan, Italy in December, 2017. Long recognised as the fashion capital of the world and one of Italy’s premier culinary destinations, Milan is one of Europe’s most dynamic cities set at a pace second to none, with numerous opportunities to visit nearby sites rich in historical and cultural importance. Qualified Independent Associates of Talk Fusion at the Diamond level or above will be eligible for Destination: Milan, which includes top notch accomodations and travel for the selected Associate and a spouse.


In keeping with Talk Fusion’s vision of offering valuable incentives to its most dedicated users, Destination: Milan is the latest motivation for Talk Fusion Associates to reach and exceed their direct selling goals. The company offers impressive incentives including Rolex watches, fully-purchased Mercedes-Benz, and diamond Recognition Rings for Associates. Milan joins an impressive list of previous free vacations, including Tampa and Orlando, Florida and Maui, Hawaii. An upcoming trip to Dubai for qualified Independent Associates is scheduled for December 1-4, 2016.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is one of the Internet’s most new exciting brands, fundamentally changing the way in which companies, employees, and friends communicate with each other. By embedding video within existing email architecture – no need to include outside URLS or download new software – Talk Fusion offers both individuals and companies a unique way to directly communicate with each other and customers.


The Talk Fusion software package allows users to compile valuable user data on viewership of emails and track which links are followed, allowing for a completely transparent understanding of what forms of communication are the most effective for businesses to reach their clients. Such data allows for tailored messages to particular audiences, all created without expensive, time-consuming video production software. In addition to Destination: Milan, qualified Independent Associates will be visiting Maui, Hawaii in June, 2017.


Inspiration Comes In Many Forms For Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman many of us would hop to hold up as an example to our children of how to live a life in the best possible way to achieve success in our professional and personal lives. Dr. Jennifer Walden took the decision to return to her home town of Austin, Texas in 2011 after the birth of her twin sons in a bid to provide a stable home life in the company of her own extended family within Texas.


The career of Dr. Jennifer Walden has seen the plastic surgeon fight her way to the top of this often male dominated field after she was only accepted onto a medical school course as an alternate choice from a waiting list. This starting position had little effect on the career of Jennifer and gave her the impetus to push forward on a career that would see her make her way to Manhattan to establish her own practice; the success of her New York based work was coupled with a need to be a mother that would eventually lead her back to Austin, Texas and another successful practice.


Dr. Walden not only looks to be a role model for her own children, but also hopes to inspire young women to look to achieve everything they wish for in life; Jennifer Walden believes she stands as a real life example of a person who stands independently as a strong businessperson and mother.


There are only around 180 female members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the around 850 board certified female plastic surgeons in the U.S. The small number of female surgeons working in he field is seen as an advantage by Jennifer Walden who believes she can empathize with the female patients who make up the majority of the patients she works with on the cosmetic procedures Dr. Walden specializes in at her Austin practice.

EOS: Lip Balm of Millennials

Seven years ago Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller decided to revolutionize the lip balm industry. Sanjiv Mehra’s strong background in the corporate world, partnered with Jonathan Teller’s experience in the entrepreneur realm was the perfect combination for a successful startup. At the time, the lip balm industry was bleak. Yet research showed that most women used the product as a part of their everyday beauty regime. Given these realities, Mehra and Teller decided it was time to rethink the lip balm industry. Recently fastcompany.com got the scoop on beginning of Mehra and Jonathan Teller’s company Evolution of Smooth. Remember when lip balm was available in a minimal amount of flavors? The product came in a boring tube with in-engaging packaging. Mehra and Teller remember this time too. A time when they decided to transform lip balm into more than a product, but into a sensory experience for millennials. The target buyer for EOS lip balm was the ages 25-35 who were style conscious. They did traditional marketing as well as reaching out to beauty bloggers who tried this new lip balm and wrote about it. These bloggers were on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In. All account that millennials are all too familiar with.

EOS lip balm comes in a colorful oval pod that is smooth to touch. It smells and tastes delicious! Not to mention, it leaves lips silky soft and even better, it’s organic! That is a lot of excitement from one tiny tube! Which is exactly what Mehra and Teller had hoped to achieve. The duo wanted to create a lip balm that ignited the senses, that was fun, and desirable. After all, it is a part of many women’s everyday beauty routine!

It wasn’t long before the company scored it’s first contract with Walgreens. From there the product began to appear on many major retailer’s shelves including luckyvitamin. Eventually even celebrities start representing the brand, including Taylor Swift. And, even their competitor’s started specialty lines to mimic EOS. However, no other lip balm is quite as special.

EOS has become a household brand and millennials across the globe are keeping it close buy in their handbags!


Desiree Perez Brings Big Names To Tidal

Source: http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=299938


Tidal is the newest music streaming service on the market today. For a small subscription fee, customers can stream music from their favorite artists similar to current platforms. Tidal is a music streaming serviceforthe artists. Big name platforms such as Apple and Spotify have been under fire lately and have, unfortunately, had many award winning artists drop themselves from having their music streamed on their platforms. It’s mostly been an issue with how artists are credited and paid for having their music streamed either for free or with a small subscription fee. Either way, a few artists believed that they weren’t being compensated enough for this exposure.


At Tidal, artists no longer have to worry about that issue since the music streaming service was created by artists for artists. Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles-Carter are the sole artists responsible for creating a one of a kind music streaming platform like Tidal. Along with co-owners, Rihanna, Kanye West, and T.I., Knowles and Jay Z are able to compensate artists that are featured on Tidal as well as themselves. They essentially cut out the middle man, Spotify and Apple Music, and allowed the profits to flow directly to them. They can stream any sort of music they see fit to the Tidal name.


However, it hasn’t been all thanks to the artists. A long time veteran of the music industry, Desiree Perez, is said to be helping out Jay Z as he and his fellow artists pave their way in this new territory. She’s a firm negotiator and has proven so by negotiating terms for Beyonce’s “Formation tour” and a Samsung sponsorship deal for Rihanna. Perez has a know how that can only be learned from years of experience and she is most definitely putting it to good use for Jay Z and his fellow artists. The success of Tidal’s music streaming platform can attest to that.


Perez, and a few other members of an inner circle from Roc Nation, are the driving force behind Tidal. If Perez is behind the wheel, Jay Z and other artists continue shelling out music for their fans, and Tidal is focused on amplifying new music then it will definitely continue to soar in popularity and show the music and streaming industry that they Tidal is here to stay and make waves.

Successfully Launching SOLVY, an Online Platform for High School Math

Entrepreneur, Alexei Beltyukov, is the founder of the educational platform that helps high school students further their skills in solving complex math problems, called SOLVY. Since 2015, SOLVY has been a helpful online educational software that helps high school students with their homework in math subjects.

Also, SOLVY is an online tool that helps teachers track how their students are improving in solving math problems, which in return, aids in the process of teachers successfully enhancing the curriculum to improve teaching math subjects in the future.

Alexei Beltyukov understands the financial world with his great knowledge and experience doing business as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with his investment company Endemic Capital in Russia. Endemic Capital focuses on investments in the new economy and technology with a main goal of helping businesses succeed with early stages of fundraising.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and CEO, Alexei Beltyukov is a philanthropist with degrees in business and medicine. As stated by colingreen on XRepublic, Alexei Beltyukov’s success with SOLVY was a collaboration of technical coordinators, teachers, and administers.

The way the SOLVY software successfully works for students is through a process where students explain how they solve an answer to their mathematical problem. And, each complex equation has multiple ways for students to determine a correct answer. In the learning process, the student has to provide data on how he or she came up with the correct formulas and answer to the equation.

This educational software also works for teachers because it will help instructors assess where each individual student needs help or further assistant in understanding a concept within a specific area in math subjects and equations, such as algebra and graphing. By this concept and with the use of SOLVY, teachers are be able to manage their classroom and effectively teach math subjects to high school students.

SOLVY is a free online homework platform not only for students and teachers, but also schools where math exercises are solved, and where teachers can monitor student learning needs and progress based on assigned student exercises on SOLVY given by teachers.

Raj Fernando Works Diligently to Make a Difference in Everything He Does

Raj Fernando is a businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder of two successful companies including Chopper Trading, where he was also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Scoutahead. Chopper Trading traded on several platforms including Nasdaq, CME, Cantor-Fitzgerald-espeed and ICAP-Broktek.

Fernando sold Chopper Trading in 2015 to Chicago based DRW Trading Group. Shortly after, Fernando started Scoutahead in 2016. He is the Chairman and CEO of the organization. The company goal is to improve professional and corporate growth through advanced communication systems.

When Fernando hires for his company he looks for potential employees who have a passion for the company and fit in with the company culture. He looks for candidates that work well with others and the candidate is a good fit for the company and the company is a good fit for the candidate. Fernando feels personality traits are just as important as technical skills when choosing potential employees. He likes to challenge candidates during the interview process with questions designed to see how they respond and think on their feet.

Fernando’s philanthropic efforts included serving on the Board of Trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a no kill animal shelter called PAWS. He has also supported the Chicago branch of Big Brothers – Big Sisters and the Wounded Warrior Project. He is also a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, as well as several other organizations. Mr. Fernando chooses organizations to support that match his own values and not only supports the organizations financially, but with time, as well.

He believes it is important to give back to the community and by doing so it helps to strengthen neighborhoods. A strong neighborhood is vibrant and economically strong and allows families to make a better life and provide children with a solid education.
Mr. Fernando’s educational background includes earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and History from Beloit College in Wisconsin and attending University College in London.

He often credits his education with some of the success he has achieved in his life. Another part of the successful equation includes surrounding yourself with the best and brightest the industry has to offer.

How Jose Borghi has Made Mullen Lowe the Most Prolific Ad Agency in Brazil

Jose Borghi is considered to be the Brazil’s foremost advertising guru. He is the brains behind some of the most captivating advertisement campaign including Mammals Parmalat. This award-winning ad featured children dressed like stuffed animals. It was meant to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. This is one of the ad campaigns that have helped transform Mullen Lowe into a prominent advertising agency in the country.

Jose Borghi’s Career Development

Surprisingly, Jose Borghi was never interested in advertising from a young age. His interest was only aroused during his third year in high school after he was invited by his sister to a theater to watch a performance. The presentation featured commercial Vts, who had previously been awarded at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. At the end of the performance, Borghi had made up his mind about pursuing a career in advertising. While making this decision, Jose Borghi had no idea that he would end up being an ad guru in his own right.

Borghi is a native of Presidente Prudente. He studied advertisement at PUC Campinas on on adsoftheworld.com. After graduating in 1989, he got his first job at Standard Ogilvy. Here, he worked as an advert writer. His deep-rooted interest in the field saw him work for notable companies in subsequent years. He counts FBB, Talent, Leo Burnett, and DM9/DDB among top advertising agencies that he has worked for. After a successful career, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He partnered with Erh Ray to start Mullen Lowe Brazil in 2006.

Borghi Lowe

When he ventured out to start the firm, Borghi had no source of funding. No bank or investment firm was willing to invest in an upstart. Besides this, mentorship and business incubation opportunities on exame.abril.com.br were few and limited. Regardless of these factors, Borghi and Ray had the will to turn the firm into Brazil’s one-stop advertising agency. The duo worked hard with zero capital by targeting the middle-segment market. This acted as the foundation of the domestic and international success that it has experienced.

To capture a wider market, the firm was recently amalgamated with Mullen Group and Lowe & Partners to form Mullen Lowe. Jose Borghi serves as the firm’s co-CEO together with Andre Gomes. Borghi concedes that his entrepreneurial success is owed to his distinctive ability to identify business opportunities. His understanding of the market has seen the ad agency make inroads into other Latin America countries. It serves major global corporations including American Express and Delta Airlines.